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OAU medical student speaks of ambition to become Health Minister with his passion for fine arts

Adewuyi Daniel, a 200 level student of Obafemi Awolowo University (OAU) in an interview with an online media outlet, the pulse has unveiled his plans about how he developed his passion for pencil arts and why he decided to study Medicine and his ambition towards becoming the health minister.

While speaking on his pencil drawing skill, he stressed on the fact that he has always been the kind of person whose hands never stops disturbing everything but he actually learnt the reason why his hands didn’t stop in the Junior Secondary classes when he had to do much drawing was because he was always the best.

When quizzed on why he did choose to study Medicine despite his talent as an amazing pencil drawer, He said he did decide to choose Medicine for three reasons which were the Nigerian factors, the parental factors and the personal factors. Most importantly, he loves being among the few best and one can say that about Medicine”.

Daniel and one of his clients Seadhan Art

He said “I’m from a talented family, every member of the family has something they know best which they didn’t even have to learn from anyone. I guess that affected me too because I can’t say I learn the pencil art from anyone, but then, I can’t deny I have some people whose work guide me in making mine better”.

He’s from a very polygamous family. He has the ambition of having his own art gallery which will make him off-hospital times but he has his eyes are on the office of the Minister of Health.

He stressed that he’s passionate about what he’s studying too, he said “Medicine is exactly what only the Medical students understand. It is difficult. When it gets to OAU’s Medicine, it’s like you have no other thing in your life anymore but Medicine. Medicine likes to take the whole of your 24 hours every day. But I have my way.

I manage my time brilliantly. I carry the work I’m doing around, and my tools too. Any tiny chance I have to stay idle, I just draw”. Despite his introvertness, he still has his own way of relaxing.

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