OAU Accounting SRC – The Obafemi Awolowo University, Accounting Students’ Representative Council in the sitting held on Saturday, suspended three members of the executive council.

The suspended executives include the Public Relations Officer,  Osotimilehin Adegbolahan, the Sports Director,  Adewunmi Olalekan and the Librarian, Olajuwon Jeremiah Joy.

In a report released by the council hours after a short broadcast released notifying the students of the suspension, the reasons for their suspension were explained.

It started when Mr Osotimilehin was told to refund and follow due process in expending an amount of N12,000 on the composition of the association’s anthem.

A motion moved according to a section of the constitution was then unanimously agreed to after the PRO was accused of disrupting the sitting.

After the resolution, the Mr. Osotimilehin caused a commotion which led to contempt of the house. The PRO who has previously depicted this act was suspended for two weeks based on a motion adopted by the house.

Moreover, Mr Adewumi was suspended for two weeks after he slammed the table and walked out of the sitting. “This act constitutes an aberration to the house and due to this fact made the house to also suspend him for two weeks,”  the report stated.

Also, the Librarian was suspended for an act he had been told earlier to excuse the house for 30 minutes.

The house also made known that they have been trying to avoid cases like this. “Before the suspension saga, the house has been lenient enough to avoid cases of suspension for the executive members.”

Contrary to what the representative council released, Mr Osotimilehin, when contacted by OAU KILONSHELE, gave a different reason as to why he was suspended.

“I was falsely accused of disrupting the sitting. I raised a constitutional matter of which I was recognised by the speaker.”

“I finished my statement and sat down gently and to my greatest surprise, an honourable moved a motion that I should excuse the sitting for 10 minutes,  I was really disappointed and asked why? Next thing I saw was an honourable coming towards me, maybe to slap or beat me, I don’t know. This actually provoked me and I insisted that I’m not leaving.”

He also made it known that he was disappointed.  “We are all intellectuals but it’s disappointing when people being called honourable are seen as an opposite of the meaning of the word.”


By: Peter Oyebanji

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