As the Usmanu Danfodiyo University matriculation ceremony, held on 31st of May, Friday, at convocation theatre.
The newly matriculated students have expressed mixed reaction on the aura of the University, weather conditions,indecent dressing and other trending issues on campus

Some of them gave funny comments on how they felt, some boasted that despite the odds- academic ‘palaba’, weather conditions, stress and likes, they would graduate with first class. Some of them also commented on trending issues like UDUS Indecent-Dressing-Saga as favourable and slightly unfavourable.

A student of pharmaceutical department, Adeyemi Idris made it known to PEN PRESS UDUS, the depth of his happiness and pledged with the help of God to abide by the oath taken.
“I’m very happy and thank Allah SWT as this is my Bismillahi, I wish to end it with Alhamdullilah.”

When being questioned whether he would abide by the oath taken, he said;
“I cannot guarantee myself because I’m human being, I’m prone to mistake, I can fuck up at any moment but I’m praying to God (SWT) to help me not to fuck up.”

On issue of indecent dressing, Soliu Omowumi Maryam, from Department of MELL, commended but expressed her displeasure about “UDUS Indecent Dressing Saga” as some of Baba-Blues don’t usually differentiate between decent and indecent dressing. She further stated that many clothes don’t usually reflect body shapes. In her words, she said;
“Some people use to dress decently and they still pursue them. I saw someone yesterday that is putting on English top with Ankara skirt, they have to sent her back to hostel.

“I was putting on Hijab last week and a jean trouser, they have to sent me back to hostel, claiming we are in fasting period.”

She expressed her happiness as matriculated student and prayed to to be convoked in peace. She also prayed for UDUS as the Most Peaceful University to be going higher and higher, and pledged in hope to break record of GP in her department.

Yusrah Nababa, a Student of Law, unveiled that she didn’t even know how to express her happiness for the fact she enjoyed the matriculation. She also commented on weather that its not that nice but hope to cope. She also encouraged and enjoins her co-matriculants to do their best and tighten their bets in order to graduate with first class. She boasts and hoped to graduate with 5.0

Abdulbasit Abiodun, from of Agricultural also stated that he was happy to be matriculated, though UDUS is stressful and weather is not that nice but he believe himself to graduate with flying colour.

Atiku Muhammad, a Student of Medical Laboratory, expresses his happiness as unlimited happiness. Also, Hannatu Muhammad, from Faculty of Science, Department of Biology and Mujeedat Shittu, from Department of Political Science gave thanks to God and stated that the matriculation really went well. Bello Yishau Ayo claimed that he doesn’t even know how to express himself, he however stated that he believe in himself years to come. He said;

“I’m so happy to the extent that I can’t express the feeling to others. The happiness is inside, because it just once in a year. I believe in myself that I will have my decree 4 years to this time, Insha Allah.”

However, Abdulmuiz Tijani, a Student of Education Chemistry, lamented about his courses as being hectic but hopefully, he has been conquering them. He commented on the time of matriculation thus;
“The matriculation though nice, but I don’t like the time because it is done in Ramadan and Exam is approaching.”

The S.U President, Barade Faruku, however advised and urged the new students to be romantic with library, and that they should marry library.
“They should marry the library. Library should be their wife, should be their friend. They should be doing ‘morroco’ in library but not to be ‘chopping morroco o’.” He urged jokingly.

By Hammed J. Sulaiman.

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