We spent a lot of money and resources in infra structural development, building markets,roads,along with periphery things but little amount of money have been extended to people. Assuming the way we use to spend on all these, is the same we invest in lives (people);Nigeria will have been a better place,but otherwise little amount is budgeted for education and building of man power,and the little will be embezzled by some set of people. It is time students rise up for themselves because our government does not have us in mind,they are too selfish to think about their offsprings, how much do we budget on personal development?
There is need to build,train young sharps that will handle key job positions and take up responsibilities in Nigeria’s oil and gas sector,information technology, industrial and business world,sport and other sector of the country in the future. We should form the basis for equipping, empowering, transforming, motivating, helping young sharps especially in tertiary institutions/ secondary institutions in discovering and utilizing their hidden potentials.
If students are well grounded in knowledge about the future,they will be motivated to be a better person. I don’t blame the former president when he says ” Nigerian youth are not capable of leading this country in this present state.” Our youth lack the capacity and tenacity to carry this present task. We have a great challenge to help discover,develop and utilize destiny and potentials untapped in youths. Many students are lazy because they have not been motivated and taught about the task ahead of them. Nigerians need to adopt new strategies to encourage learning and development,improve literacy,aggressively empower and motivate the best teachers and career counselors and introduce mind stimulating activities and competitions that would bring out the best in our youths. Every one of us born into this nation has something to offer this nation in fact,the world at large.

The task before us is immense but it is not difficulty to achieve. We need to work together even more closely to address our national challenges. In search of students with potentials who have a track record of excellence in mathematics, science and technology, fictions etc. You must be equipped with right idea and channel that can provoke them to work. Tertiary institutions students rise up for the challenge ahead of us and let’s make an unchanging impact impact in this our nation.

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