Electricity is the most important thing in the school environment whilst TASUED and its environment (imawje, ijele etc) has been in a total blackout since the past three weeks or so. The second semester examination has commenced and yet the students find it difficult to read and also to fetch water to bath and do all the necessary things, electricity breakdown has been a major menace affecting the student populace in the present day.

Some students still on their generator to suffice us in charging our gadget but since the increment in fuel pump price, they hardly on it because the price is so exorbitant and it makes the environment pitch black which spook the students at night especially females.

However, at this point I have to feel nervous inside and start to worry a little bit of what can be affecting the light or power supply at this most crucial time.

the is mostly said that ” great preparation is the key to a successful work. Now that we are left with no power supply what is our faith on success? Even there is hike in the price of the candle, may almighty God help all Nigerian students.

As this menace seems to be growing day by day, nothing has been done in order to correct all this anomalies. the SUG executives and college representatives are their but what they could do is to look as if it doesn’t affect them. I wonder the function of welfare direction if he can’t provide solution to the welfarism of the students who voted for him.

On this note, I want the school management to salvage us from this

menace of power supply, most of the universities do on generator for their students in the school premises at night for those who wants to engaged in night reading or tutorials especially during the exam period.

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