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EMMANUEL DARALOYE – Without much ado, the streets are already filled with unemployed graduates. To get employed, there’s need to do something different from others. The dependency on Entrepreneurial development can act as a solution to the masquerading crisis of unemployment in Nigeria but an individual who wants to embark on this sojourn must hold the bull by the horn because the sphere is gradually getting overheated.

it is widely believed that once a larger percentage of the youth or students is self-employed with innovative and creative entrepreneurial skills, it thus tends to suppress the plaguing crisis of unemployment which keeps posing threat the nation’s economy.

Photo Credit: Olayinka Ojo Photography

Interestingly, there’s a young man with a beaming reputation and personality who has over 15,000 students of Adeyemi College of Education stuck to his Facebook timeline, he’s an ardent social media user, most importantly, student entrepreneurs rely on him for marketing and publicity as regards events and diverse activities. He also doubles as a freelancer presenter on M&C 106.5 FM Ondo, He is selfless and passionate about what he does, He is the co-founder of Arbico Parrot.

Emmanuel Daraloye, Department of English Language, Adeyemi College of Education, Ondo is a 400L student with his popular cognomen as Emmatallest.

For the records, May 14, 2014, was indeed a day that would not be forgotten hurriedly in Adeyemi College of Education, as the student went on a rampage destroying properties because of a distorted information. Emmanuel saw this as a huge challenge and sought a solution to fixing the problem of misinformation in the college, hence the birth of Arbico parrot which he co-founded with his friend known as M. I. D. While other students are far away in their dreamland, he would be awake writing news and article knowing that a large number of students in the community will depend on his timeline for the latest happenings on campus.

Photo Credit: Olayinka Ojo Photography

Surprisingly, all of these was done without any financial benefit at heart. He faced a lot of challenges because of his passion to keep Arbicans adequately informed. He has stood at the disciplinary committee twice and has been faced with series of a threat but in all, he is a darling of the school management and the entire ACE Community.

He strongly believes in the quote that someone needs to work on oneself, develop talent because life is bigger than the four walls of the school.

His social media pages are – IG page: @emmatellest, Facebook: Emma Tallest, Facebook page: @Arbicoparrot

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