Is no more a news that Nigeria Youth are setting record outside the country. It has take over the atmosphere recently as Nigerian has marvelously set academic record. 

June & July have in record as Zenith University College in Ghana Celebrate Ibe Ndukwe as the Best Graduating Student in Class 16, Oluwakemi Onabanjo become Valedictorian at the MBA INSEAD Graduation Class 16 in France and Finally Alex Ifeanyichukwu Graduate with First Class from Accra Institute of Technology, Ghana. 

Below is the Testimony of Alex Ifeanyichukwu 

First of all i want to give all the glory and Honor to God almighty who gave me the grace to come this far. I want to thank my family for their support and making this achievement possible, lastly i want to thank the FANTASTIC 4 for their great impact in my academic life.

It was not an easy journey at all but i will say it was all worth it, i dont want to say much cos i have a lot of story to tell, maybe someday i’ll write a book on it but in all i want to say that DETERMINATION, HARDWORK & PERSISTENCE brought me this far.
I’ll be posting more photos soon and in each of these posts i’ll briefly give you guys hints on how i made this academic success. It is not magic at all, it is Hardwork and i will always say it that Hardwork pays
I dedicate this Award to every student out there striving to achieve academic excellence, never give up, keep working hard and you will get there!
Special thanks to my all my friends in Nigeria, Ghana and USA for their kind wishes, those who posted my pictures on their walls, well wishers and all my supporters i remain humble and committed to you all. God Bless you Richly

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