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MAPSU – The Students Union Government of Moshood Abiola Polytechnic, Abeokuta has passed opprobrious remarks on the school management over the disruption of the Students Union social day on Friday.

In a release co-signed by the SU President, Public Relations Officer, and Media aide to the President, Messrs Owoiya Rasak, Aduragbemi Taiwo, and Abdulqudus Ogundapo, the executives accused the management of working against the students’ interest.

The executives alleged that despite informing the management on the planned social week, the latter went against the week by stopping the invited hip hop artist, Fakoya Qudus, Q. Dot from performing on Friday.

The statement reads in part, “Following the crisis at the school field to prevent the Hip hop musician, Fakoya Qudus, popularly known as from entertaining Mapaites, with saddened heart and regretting soul, the Student Union wished to inform you that, management of our institution is responsible for the disruption.

“Dear Mapaites, at this juncture, the union wished to inform you that the mandate you gave us is under protection but, the school management is trying to sell your future on their interest.

“Fellow colleagues, SUG week has been in existence over the years without any disruption, but the question lies on why should this administration be disengaged from the students’ interest?

The statement also alleged that the Students union body could not challenge the decision of the management after the latter conspired with the Student Representative Council (SRC) to amend the SU constitution in its favour.

It reads further, “Our findings have revealed that, the school management does not want unionism on campus on a selfish interest, main reasons the students union constitution was amended by Oghali Chucks led administration as SRC Speaker.

“It should be recalled that, the union has notified the Director of Students Affairs (DSA) on our planned events that, Wednesday was scheduled for Rag day, while Thursday was scheduled for Legislative summit and Friday was scheduled for Social day.

“Dear colleagues, we see no reason why the management could go against a planned event, but the constitution they passed before our administration has stopped us from fighting the school management.

“Dear Mapaites, the union realized that, you expected the Owo Mummy led administration to record a face-off with the school management by breaching the rules and regulations of the management as Hip hop artists were prevented from entertaining you, but the constitution they passed before our administration had prevented us from doing such.

“This present administration had tried with all forces to review the so call ‘biased constitution’ but all to no avail at this moment, though processes are ongoing.

“With saddened heart, we plead to entire students of this great citadel of learning to persevere with this administration, rather than raining ill words on the incumbent executives, the management and previous administrations should be blamed for passing a constitution that could not support students’ interest.”

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