A security officer of Moshood Abiola Polytechnic has allegedly maltreated two students of the institution on the ground that they were disrespectful to him.

The officer, whose name cannot be identified, was reported to have allegedly slapped the two students of Mass Communication department.

The affected students, names withheld, who reported the situation to Press Club Mapoly, claimed that the physical abuse came after they asked a question from the security officer.

In their statement made available to PCM, they claimed to have been invited by the security officers and were interrogated after which means of identification was requested.

One of the affected students who was perplexed about the encounter and the continues interrogation, made effort to asked the reason behind interrogation and was slapped. While the other tried to apologize on his behalf, he also got a slap. They asserted that the security officers slapped them on the ground that they asked a question.

The statement reads: “On the 2nd may 2018, it happened that I, name withheld, and my coursemate were on the normal route to class activities. We almost approach the class premises when some security agent called and invited us over.

“One of the security officer, who stood very close to their bus asked “which class are we? ” after which we responded. Then he asked us to “drop your ID card? ” then I was curious deep down such that I started asking myself why could this man be in request of our means of identification.

“Unfortunately, to the security man, the school is yet to produce our cards. Sitting in the front of the security bus was a man who they referred to as a CSO of the officers. This man said “collect their phones”

“However I requested for permission to know why we were being interrogated by asking “why?”. Having asked that then the whole situation was transformed and I was been painted that I’m disrespectful with my question.

“Then the identify CSO requested for my statement of which I refused. While one of my colleagues who tried to plead on my behalf received a hot slap on the motion of his apology…. I tried to apologize to him too and he also shaped me. It’s was after a couple of minutes I invited one of our class coordinator of which he intervened and we are released.”

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