The chairman of the Academic Staff Union of Polytechnic ( ASUP ), Moshood Abiola Polytechnic Chapter, Comrade Kola Abiola has claimed that the academic staff will follow the school calendar despite the challenges facing the staff.

Abiola speaking on a radio program “Ayekooto” on sweet FM 107.1 in Abeokuta on Friday evening said the Ogun state government has killed MAPOLY.

The ASUP chairman further explained that the Union is not against the creation of new polytechnic, adding that they are after job security of its members.

He said, “lecturers are not happy to delay students on campus, we are still going to follow the school calendar, the date slated for exam is the day students are going to write their exam if anything should go wrong the school management should be responsible, but, we the staff are not saying you should not write exam”

“The reason behind all the crises of OGUNPOLY/MAPOLY is that our members should not lose their job, but, we were shocked when we heard the news from NBTE that there is no MAPOLY and they have not approved OGUNPOLY to kick off.”

“If this month end it will be four months that we have not been paid salary, we have completed one year for part-time students without receiving any dime for it”

“We were not thugs and we have not destroyed any government property since the emergence of this issue, but, we were amazed that the Ogun state government describe us as a terrorist that they can’t talk to us, we have said it and we will continue to be saying it that the progress of the state is our priority”.

“Before all these crises, NBTE approved all the 24 courses offered in MAPOLY to continue for the next five years, with this approval MAPOLY can admit students into ND and HND programme for five years”.

“We duplicate the approval letter and we send it to the governor that the window can be continued and use that time to develop OGUNPOLY”.

” as things stand now we don’t know the faith of MAPOLY, OGUNPOLY and MAUSTECH, technically the government of Ogun state has killed MAPOLY”.

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