LASU Sex Scandal – In case you missed it, there has been a wave of sexual harassment allegations in Nigerian Universities since January 2018.

The most prominent of the sex scandals involving the lecturers hired to teach and shape the future of the Nigerian student happened in Obafemi Awolowo University, where a lecturer demanded a five round of sex to increase an exam score.

As if demanding a sex from a student is not disgraceful enough, another lecturer in Lagos State University (LASU), Dr Odubunmi Sunkanmi has chosen to disgrace himself and the Nigerian academic environment with another sex scandal.

Dr Odubunmi Sunkanmi is a lecturer in the Department of Economics in LASU. He is believed to be one of the highly respected lecturers in the department.  LASU Sex Scandal

The lecturer graduated from LASU and due to his academic brilliance, he was honoured by Lagos State University as the Best Student in Mathematics for Economics in 1987.

Odubunmi is believed to be a no-nonsense lecturer until recently when he was allegedly caught on camera sexually harassing a student.

The lecturer had reportedly invited the student to his office on a Saturday to come to rewrite a paper she failed,  even though the girl had reportedly turned down sexual advances from him several times.

On getting to the office, the lecturer reportedly removed his shirt and started cuddling the student from behind after giving her papers to rewrite the exam he invited her for.

Meanwhile, the student had reportedly sought the help of a non-governmental organization to have genuine evidence to nail the lecturer.

How Odubunmi was trapped and arrested

The NGO, therefore, collaborated with the University security official to trap the horny lecturer.

So, before going to the lecturer’s office, the NGO had installed surveillance gadgets on the student while the NGO people also stationed themselves in another office not far from Odubunmi’s with the laptops connected to the spy camera’s on the lady to monitor what would happen between the lecturer and the student.

Too horny to notice the gadget, Odubunmi fell for it. At the sight of prey in his office, Odubunmi bolted the door, removed his shirt and started cuddling only to realize that the yet-to-be-identified student was wearing a spy eyeglass which immediately seized and destroyed. LASU Sex Scandal

Damn! another randy lecturer is exposed as the university security officials and NGO representatives stormed his office and arrested Dr Odubunmi Sunkanmi.

LASU Sex Scandal

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