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“Only eight persons and a dog survived in our village he said in grief”

In the year 1442 the Poruguese started the trans-atlantic slave trade by taking solace along a settlement along the gulf of Guinea which is now known as the present day Nigeria. Prequel to this Portuguese acclaimed invasion there was internal slavery in which men and women were carted away after war conquests to become chatters,

performing menial jobs of servitude to their conquerors. At the notice of this animalistic anomalies used in this primitive conurbation.

The portuguese decided to subsume their developmental blue print into the swinish aberrant of these primitives to boost their economic prosperity. The portuguese merchants exchanged items like brass and copper bracelets for products such as pepper,cloth,be ads and slaves and used these products (especially the slaves as labour in coffee, tobacco, sugar and cotton plantations, gold and silver mines, rice fields and construction industries. Sequel to this monopoly in obnoxious trade practiced by the portuguese tales of how profitable this evil venture was, pervaded the European peninsula propelling England, France and other European countries to also seek solace in this obnoxious trade.

The English added another perspective to the already layed down Portuguese ideas by offering mirrors and guns to illiterate Nigerian rulers, traders and military aristocrats in exchange for slaves (especially strong ones as they previously used the Indians for this self proclaimed commercial venture which turned out unprofitable as the indians were weak). This spured the illiterate leaders to carry out raids to capture slaves cum spuring a rapid increase in the cases of kidnapping. Oluudah Equiano, an ex-slave described in his memoirs published in 1789 how African rulers carried out raids to capture slaves “when a trader wants slaves, he applies to a chief for them, and tempts him with his wares, it is not extraordinary, if on this occasion he yields to the temptation with a little firmness, and accepts the price of his fellow creature’s liberty with as little reluctance,as the enlightened merchant.

Accordingly, he falls upon his neighbours, and a desperate battle ensues…if he prevails, he takes prisoners, he gratifies his avarice by selling them” The slave trade which began in1442 was abolished by Britain in 1806(that’s close to 400 years in which generations upon generations was carted away to unknown destinations never to return). Howbeit the abolishment of slave trade by the Brits,the slave trade business still continued in many parts of Africa for many years.

My great grand father once told me “only eight persons and a dog survived in our village” as all others were carted away as slaves even after the abolishment of slave trade”. Some school of thought claims that about twenty million blacks were carted away to places like the West Indies, America, Belgium, Spain until 1892 when colonialism came to fore Could this gory image of blacks dehumanization be the catalyst fot the racial stigma rendered on blacks round the globe?

Could the past (mis)adventure of neighbours kidnapping neighbours be the reason for the great mistrust between you and I?

Could the carting away of over twenty million strong individuals mean we are descendants of weaklings who therefore cant develop the nation in glee?

Could the kidnapping of close to twice a gross dames by the dreaded Boko Haram be a spring up of our past of kidnapping which the western world encouraged then?

Remember a past left in the casket of time can never procreate the future That my country may move forward!!!!!!

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