Such kind of sex will be sweet and lovely

Valentine Odion

Why not? The fact that I am legally married and recognised in my wife’s family should make me do anything I want to do in my in-law’s house. In fact, it is my right. Apart from that, there is a special form of blessing that the act will attract in that house. Such kind of sex

will be sweet and lovely. In a nutshell, I do not see anything wrong when my wife and I have sex in any of her people’s places. It is not a sin and it is not an unimaginable thing to do. Sex is an act that can be performed anywhere so far the parties concerned are legally recognised as husband and wife. It knows no boundary.

It is totally unacceptable to me

Ismail Ibrahim

It is not proper to make love in one’s in-law’s place. I do not even think any culture will condone the act. It is unheard of. In terms of religion too, I don’t think it is acceptable. In fact, common sense tells me it is not a proper thing. Why? Because doing that is a sign of lack of regard for my in-law. If you ask me another why, I will say it is because I cannot feel comfortable with such act in an in-law’s place. How many days are we going to spend in another man’s place that we cannot exercise self-restraint? Some actions are not wrong by nature, but are improper by virtue of the where and when they are performed.

Sex is only enjoyed where you are loved

Alonge Dimeji

Well, it depends on the circumstances. Firstly, it lies on the character of the in-law in question. If the person is a type that I have never felt comfortable with, I will not engage in such act in their place. You know, there are different types of in-laws: some are comfortable to be with while some are not. Secondly, if I have a good relationship with the in-law, I will not mind doing whatever I like in their place. Sex is enjoyed in an atmosphere of love, not just anywhere. And lastly for me, it depends on the apartment of the in-law. If the house is not too spacious to the extent that my wife and I cannot have a room to ourselves, then we cannot make love in such place until we leave.

I will rather book a hotel room

Juwon James

For where? That is too bad a habit to indulge in. How can I be making love in my in-law’s place as if we are going to stay there for long? That is nonsense to me. If I know that we are going to have sex, I would have booked a room in a hotel before we get there. That is just a shameful act to me. Even if we have a room to ourselves, it is still not good enough. We will restrain ourselves till we get to our place. At least, we are not going to spend forever there.

Love can be demonstrated anywhere

Matthew Alaofin

We are talking about married people here passing probably a night in either of their relative’s place. As for me, there is absolutely nothing wrong with the act. If the place is conducive and the in-law in question is hospitable, having such a pleasurable moment is not improper. Love can be demonstrated by a husband and wife anytime, anywhere. Just by the way, if this act is committed by a couple who is yet to marry, then I can say it is a shameful behaviour. That is when that type of sex becomes absolutely improper.

We can do it with maturity if there is privacy

Titi Awokunmi

There is nothing bad in it as long as there is privacy, whether he has a room there or he was given a room to use. Such a thing won’t come to mind if there are other people in the room, but if there is privacy, we can do it. The only thing is that we will apply maturity and caution while doing it so we don’t disturb others because it’s not our house. If the urge comes in that kind of situation, we can do it, as long as there is privacy and comfort. It’s something couples should do when it comes as long as it is moral and decent. Doing it somewhere outside our bedroom could be more fun and very interesting and it could be less, so it’s worth it.

Only if we are passing the night there

Christie Akarah

There is nothing wrong with it even if it’s not our house. How will they even know that we made love if we do not do anything to give ourselves away. I don’t think they will know what we are doing inside the room, because I want to assume that we would have our own room. Lovemaking should be natural, it is not until you have a strong plan to do it, it may just come on its own, and since doing it in that circumstance is not illegal, there is nothing wrong with it. However, if we won’t pass the night there, there is no reason to do such because we will still go back home and do whatever we like in our own house.

If the atmosphere is right and there is privacy

Ojieh Bennie

There is nothing wrong with it as long as they are married. If they go to visit their in-law and they are in the mood, why won’t they do it if there is privacy. I don’t see anything wrong with it at all. Sexual urge doesn’t have a definite timing, so as long as we are married and it’s safe, we can go ahead and have fun. The fact that we are married permits us in that circumstance. It could be fun. It could even be an adventure on its own because it’s different from the conventional way of doing it, more so if there is a cordial relationship between the couple and the parents. However, it may not be right to do such if there is an issue on ground in the house or there is a sober atmosphere, so sex can wait in that situation, subject to the understanding of both parties anyway. Courtesy is very important.

As long as there is privacy

Otuama Ngozi

If the place is secured, there is privacy and we are not disturbing anybody, it’s okay; I don’t see anything wrong with it. I mean a situation where we have a room exclusive to ourselves, we are not sharing the room with anyone else and we are comfortable, then, we can do it if there is need to. The only reason why we could endure until we get home is if there is no privacy or we tend to disturb others, otherwise there is no need. I think there could be sex outside the bedroom as long as it is moral and safe and we are not disturbing anybody. It can even add flavour to our relationship. Sometimes, it’s good to go outside the routine way of doing things.

If we have a room that is exclusive to us

Emmanuel Glory

If we have our own room that is exclusive to us, there is nothing wrong with it, as long as we are married. Couples can make love in decent places that are morally acceptable other than the bedroom. There could be an option of waiting until we get home, but whilst in the in-law’s house and we are in the mood, it is not a big deal. The privacy is the most important factor. Sexual feeling could come at anytime, especially when with loved one, so there is no need subjecting oneself to discomfort or inconvenience by trying to endure when nothing is stopping us.

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