Let no man despise your skill, Process and be Hopeful tomorrow holds for you.

Q: Can we meet you sir?
A: My name is OSOTEKU DEMILADE ISAAC, I’m a blogger and I solve people’s problems.Q: Why do you delight in solving people’s problems?
A: I have passion for solving problems and it has been part of me for sometime.

Q: How do you get your Inspiration?
A: I got my inspiration from passionate people like, a photographer I had work with who enjoyed taking pictures of those who cannot pay him, although, he make his money from going to party and conferences to take photography for a charged rate. He does this because he have passion for it.

Q: Tell us the motive behind this event
A: It is just something I deliberately decide to do and this is not the first time. I discovered that people graduated from universities and travel out of IJEBU to search for greener pasure and I asked myself (who will develop Ijebu Ode?). And that is why I came up with this Ijebu Youth Arise Confrence to motivate our youths.

Q: Sponsors behind this programme?
A: Well, I actually sent letters to politicians and people in the society, we thought could assist but all to no avail, hence, this programme was financed by me! The only assistance is from the J.D.P.C who gave us the hall.

Q: How would you compare this edition to previous one
A: Actually,the turn-out in the previous edition was not encouraging to the season 2 Edition.

Q: Your expectation from Ijebu Youths?
A: Well, we are looking forward to having able, active up and doing youths who would stand and take responsibility.

Q: Any word of encouragement to youths out there?
A: My word of encouragement is that youth should at first know what they want, how to get it and how to achieve it. They should also work, more and associate with people of intellectual minds who could motivate their dreams. They should also keep-working, having it in mind that the profit comes up in full.

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