A man that is diligent in his work shall speak among the prince and princess of the world and can never stand in the midst of ordinary persons. An interview session with Mr. Adeniyi Adenuga and OWL Media correspondence.

Q: Can we meet you sir?
A: Am Adeniyi Adenuga, an Aqual-Culturist, A young famer. The C.E.O Tepebo International LimitedQ: As a young farmer, how have you been coping with the farming activities?
A: Well, it has being easy so to say but then, since it is my desired, am doing very well. Challenges of course has come my way but then, my parent actually supported me in their own little way.

Q: Could it be That your Parents were happy with you going into farming?
A: Not really, but since it’s my dream, they had to give me the supported I needed.

Q: What should we be expecting in few years to come?
A: I should be venturing into another form of farming which would be plantain and cassava farming to improve the standard of agriculture.

Q: Advise for our youth out there?
A: They should try to develop their dreams and work hard to achieve their dreams. Not to allow anything whatsoever to cut short their vision and dreams to make a better society.

Q: What advise do you have for youth that are running away from agriculture?
A: Actually People thought agriculture Is a dirty job with low or no profit, but then agriculture has moved to another dimension, because their are a lot of profit in agriculture if you one can venture into it.

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