Last week, our journey takes us into the city of Kaduna, where we take a stop at the Kaduna Polytechnic main campus, where we met the Student Union Public Relation officer, Comrade Isah B Ibrahim who inform us that main campus comprises of 2 colleges which are College of Science and Technology[CST] and College of Engineering[COE].

KadPoly as popularly called by the students was established with a mission to prepare Nigerians regardless of gender, social-economic status, creed and ethnic affiliation, to take control of their own destiny, liberating them from dependency and endowing them with initiative, creativity, critical thinking, entrepreneurial skills, democratic values and an appreciation of work and the world of work.

KadPoly Convocation Ground
KadPoly Convocation Ground

The idea to start a Technical Institution in Northern Nigeria started as far back as 1951, which resulted into the establishment of Kaduna Technical Institute in 1956. The establishment of Technical Institute, Kaduna was as a result of the acceptance by the British Government on the recommendation of the Higher Education Commission, which suggested the upgrading of Yaba Higher College to Technical Institute and proposed Technical Institutes in Kaduna and Enugu.

The Northern Nigeria Executive Council at its meeting of 17th August 1962, Conclusion No.1, re-designated the Technical Institute, Kaduna as the Polytechnic, Kaduna. It became Kaduna Polytechnic in 1968 by the Federal Government Decree No. 20 of 1968, which was revised in 1979 by Decree .No. 79. In 1991, the institution was taken over by the Federal Government under Decree No. 40 of the same year.


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