Saheed Osupa, a popular Nigeria Musical Artist in a fresh interview has revealed he is still very much a student and still attend classes in person at the University of Ibadan. When asked how his family reacted to his call to get himself educated, he said;

“They thought it was a joke. Even my first born who just finished studying at the University of Ilorin called me on my matriculation day, which, coincidentally, was also his convocation day. He jokingly said, “Remember the son of whom you are’, which was what I told him when he first gained admission.”

He also added that his priority was with his education as he had even cancelled some shows because they clashed with his classes.

He said, “I enrolled as a regular student. Therefore, I attend classes and sit for exams by myself. I am not even given celebrity treatment when my shows abroad clash with my school’s timetable. I’ve had to refund some money for shows just because they clashed with my classes. I want my education to reflect on my lifestyle.”

The OWL Campus Media reported this year that another Yoruba movie star, Odunlade Adekola, graduated from the University of Lagos with a degree in Business Administration on May 9.

According to him, he had to become humble in order to learn despite his celebrity status. He added that contrary to reports, he participated in lectures, assignments and did not buy his certificate.

During his interview with the press in November, the actor explained why he chose to return school.

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