For a very long time, it has being an ill-relationship between Comrade Sunday Osaas and his godfather Comrade Falola Ahmed Olasunkanmi a.k.a. Stainlessy which was termed pandemonium after disobedience in Osaas’ reign as the Students’ Union Government president of ADVOCATE 2013/2014 regime Tai Solarin University of Education (TASUED). Osaas has cause to regret his disobedience because he nearly went through what the prodigal son went through. He recently make a public post in showing how regretful and apologies to his godfather towards his action.
Life is a game for those who see it as a race. The game between Osaas and his Godfather Stainlessy started immediately after the protest of the students against the policy no school fees no exam on Tuesday June 10, 2014 which led to vandalisation of the university properties because the security personnel shot against the students in the protest.

On Monday 16thJune, 2014 after the protest, a news was published by Vanguard which was orchestrated by a correspondent in Ogun State, Daud Olatunji who said that the Osaas was mentally sick due to the injury he sustained in the protest, which led to his relief from office by the legislative arm of the Students’ Union Government.

Vanguard Publication 

TASUED protest: Anxiety over SUG president’s health

There was  anxiety over the health of the President of the Students Union Government of  Tai Solarin University of Education, TASUED, Ijagun, Comrade Sunday Ekeyokpa, who was reportedly hit with gun butt by one of the security men during last week’s students protest. Vanguard reliably gathered that the  SUG President is in a critical condition and had been rushed to his family house in Abeokuta for urgent attention. The students and men of Nigerian Army code named:  OP MESA, clashed last Tuesday during a protest against the school management which allegedly did not allow some of them to write the first semester examinations. Sunday was said to have suffered head injury after he was hit with a gun butt by one of the soldiers during the protest. One of the students leaders in the state, Hamed Falola confirmed the health condition of the students president, saying he had contacted some government officials over  the matter. He  said: “Yes, Sunday is not okay, his health condition is now questionable because of his attack by the OP MESA in the school last week. “We were told by some medical experts that he should be attended to by some psychiatric doctors because of how he has been behaving and that was why we brought him down to his family members at Abiola Way in Abeokuta. “We are appealing to  the state  government and philanthropists in the state to help save the life of our President.” Another students leader who pleaded anonymity said: “Some of us tried all we could but his action shows that he is not mentally fit. His responses to issues are distorted. So we rushed him to his family house in Abeokuta.”

It was recorded that the Vanguard report was instigated by Com. Falola Ahmed which brought a lot of misunderstanding between him and the then president Osaas.

The legislative arm of the Students’ Union Government made a resolution that the president must make a publication on media and also present a medical report to prove his fitness if he would be re-instated.


Com. Sunday Osas went ahead to make a public Publication on the Nation and other E-Magazine Site to debunk the Vanguard Publication that his Mentally fit with a mediacal report from the state hospital. the Legislative Arm of the Student Union Led by Com Bakare Afeez have not other choice to re-state him back to office.

Press Release From The Students Union President Of Tasued (Ekeyokpa Sunday Osas)

16th July 2014

Greatest Nigerian students, distinguished TASUED community and good people of Ogun state.

My attention has beng drawn to the slanderous report issued by Vanguard newspaper on June 16th 2014 in lieu to the students protest that transpired at our campus on June 10 2014, it was so sadden that the interest, future and lives of the entire TASUEDITES can be used as a tool in playing politics which was orchestrated by one Daud Olatunji (vanguard newspaper correspondent in Ogun state), who said that I am mentally sick due to the injury I sustained in the protest

I humbly seize this opportunity to officially address the whole world particularlly the media and concerned TASUEDITES, I EKEYOKPA SUNDAY.  OSAS is mentally fit and sound, Ogun state Hospitals Management Board has also carried out series of Tests on me ,where I was issued CERTIFICATE OF FITNESS.

I believe the Press should serve as the voice for the voiceless not a means to satisfy the need of a Politician who find joy in causing chaos among the students populace.

The whole of TASUEDITES frowned at unscruplous attitude of Vanguard correspondent ( Daud Olatunji) and we are convinced he is being sponsored against our just course

He is a biased and baseless Reporter because a professional journalist will surely seek for the truth before wangling Pen on paper.

The court of law will soon see to it because this is nothing but a blackmail, slander and assassination of character.

The spirit of struggle will never die in us.

Long live TASUED
Long live NANS
Long live Ogun state
Long live Nigeria


Below his Com. Osas recent Publication on Facebook, Sorry for his DISOBEDIENCE 

I really want to use this medium to say a big thank you to all ever amiable Tasuedites who stood gallantly before and during the election that gave birth to Com. Sanni Ramon Adeyemi as TASUEDSU president-elect, says Osaas.


According to him, it is not our efforts as friends but of you all that believe in us as true leaders and will never stoop so low to sell our birth-right for a pot of soup. I also appreciate those who were against my ideology while endorsing Mr President-elect because I believe we disagree to agree. Moreover, a smooth sea will never make a skillful mariner; please don’t blame me for my decisions. We are all fighting for a just cause.
I will be a product of failure if I refuse to pay honor to whom is due even though to some people we are enemies but I must tell you, you got it wrong. the fact remains that he made me and he trained me. So, no matter what the case may be, he remains my leader and my godfather as far as unionism is concerned “omo oni ni aso bi agba kotun ni akisa bi agba” I respect you and honor your spirit, I’m TALKING of no one else but my leader Comrade Falola Ahmed Olasunkanmi p.k.a Stainless “the last man standing 001”. I’m sorry to have disobeyed you for the very first time in my life as a comrade. Please consider Sanni Ramon as your grandson, the victory is yours sir. CONFIDENCE IN MY BLOOD, AVATAR IN MY SALIVA. I remain my humble self Com. Sunday Osaas a. k. a Mr White the last man standing 002. thanks and God bless; says Osaas.


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