Kizito Joseph – After so much preparation for the Students Union presidential election of Benue State University, with so much optimism for the students, the election commenced on the 13th and 14th of August, 2018 respectively.

The election was preceded by the warning from an aspirant saying “students should not let anyone buy their votes with material things, but rather adhere to the truth”, emphasizing that “students should not think with their stomach, but instead with their head”.

After votes were cast on the dates from 9 am to 3 pm each day, the result came into the favour of Comrade Kizito Joseph who is a student of the Department of Geography.

He has also said in an interview with him that “I have a Big package for the students. The welfare of students is my top priority and it’s a big word. Let me break it down: when I talk of welfare, I mean everything and anything that can make the students not only feel but really be comfortable on campus as they go about their various activities.”

He said further that “the development of intercampus transportation is one way I wish to impact positively on the students by making available campus shuttles (tricycle) to ease transportation around the school. These tricycles will run at a price regulated by the Student Union and also the safety of these students too will be guaranteed.”

Making mention of the revisitation of the hostels and common rooms, he made it know that “the hostels and common rooms too will be upgraded and on this, I am happy to say that my administration is 90% done with campus boys hostel renovation and upgrading of the common room to a 60 sister capacity. Classes too are going to be put in order so as to make the learning environment conducive for learning.”

“The Kizito led-administration is a powerhouse, I will not exhaust our desires. It is born daily as we tour the facilities and it’s all to the better standard of everything for them students”, he said

In his response to the issue, if power supply which caused protest, he said “to avoid closure of the school due to protest over lack of social amenities, we have decided to take the nom-violent approach”, quoting Martin Luther King Jr.

He said, “to answer your question directly on the last protest, I stand to say without mixing words that the issue of light and water on campus has improved tremendously.”

He made mention that his committee will take a huge step to provide solutions to the challenges of the students.

While responding to the menace of school fees increment, he said “the issue of increment in user charges is a thing of the past. A debate on this that took place in the Benue state House of Assembly reached a verdict, so we will review the resolutions of Benue State House of Assembly committees on education”.

Meanwhile, the a memorandum would be worked upon by his committee in order to quell the ambiguous charges on students of the institution”

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