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How To Survive On Nigerian Campus As A Fresh Student

Surving on Nigerian campus after gaining admission into a Higher Institution should be your ultimate goal as a fresh student. The Higher institution is quite a different environment, which you must adapt to, if you want to excel in your academic pursuit.

Many distractions will surely come your way on campus, but how do you wade through all of these and still graduate with distinctions at the end of your programme. We recently published 10 THINGS EVERY FRESH STUDENTS SHOULD KNOW

Here, we provided five (5) guides to help you through your early days on campus.

1. Living Condition

Research has shown that 25 percent of Nigerian students live on campus. This means that a lot of students face the stress of commuting to their various institutions every day.

Apart from this, living off campus could also be dangerous because most students crisis in higher institutions usually happens off campus.

So,  as a fresher schooling in a state like Lagos, living on campus hostels will help you to avoid the daunting traffic every day.

2. Start studying now

Your preparations now goes a long way in determining the grades you graduate with. As a fresh student, one of the first places you may need to know on campus is the library. Begin to visit the library now and let your preparations for your first semester exams begin.

3. Choose friends wisely

It takes a conscious effort for new students on campus to make new friends and while you are trying to do this, make sure you choose wisely.

You’ll need to look for friends that will share a common interest with you. Friends whose academic goals can spur you on academically.

4. Watch your pocket

Running out of cash is very common among student and as a fresh student, you need to cut your clothes according to your size.

Budgeting will help you to check the estimate of how much you’ll be spending for a set period of time. However, it is not hard to stick to your budget plan, it only takes discipline to stop getting broke.

5. Activitism with caution

If you wish to join politics and activism, the higher institution provides a fertile ground for you to launch ambition. However, you’ll have to take caution in fighting for fellow students’ right.

You’ve probably heard about students union members who are suspended or expelled for their activities. So, if you wish to join the campus student union, be sure you do everything in line with the school rules and regulations.

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