“The economy is hard” seems to be the new national anthem. And students are affected by the state of the country’s economy. While the prices of goods are going high, their pocket-money is gradually decreasing. Some students, in order to help themselves, think about engaging in certain minor activities that will yield money for them.

Schooling in Nigeria today is typical a full-time job. Not only are you occupied with classes till 3/4pm, you also have things to do after classes. So, how in the world are you supposed to read hard for good grades and have the time to chase money to support yourself?

But tough country demands tough measures!

Therefore, quit depending COMPLETELY on your parents and learn how to make your own MONEY while in school.


If you are doing well in school and love teaching, then get hired by parents/guardians to teach their kids. It may sound lame, yes, but it sure pays.

I had a classmate in secondary school who was good at Maths, really good. Teachers hired him to tutor their kids who were struggling with their classes. He was paid N1000 as day pay (usually 4-6pm). So do the math if he works for 10 days.

Want to get hired?

  • Just inform your friends, neighbors, relatives and lectures/teachers of the latest development.
  • You can also make a few simple posters listing your qualifications and contact information, and posting them in strategic places.

Don’t be shy; customers will surely come looking for YOU!


With each academic session that passes, a 2 months holiday approaches and holiday lessons tends to take over the period. So, be wise enough to approach the organizers of those holiday lesson centers around you and see if you can be hired to tutor there. This will be lucrative especially for undergraduate students who will also be on holidays at the period.

I once tutored in holiday lessons and was paid N1,500 for every 2 hours. I happened to do 12 hours every week (i.e. N9,000/week, 36,000/month).

Isn’t that great!
And you can work in more than one lesson center.


You have a laptop, and can type quite fast (even moderately fast). And, all you do is gist your friend how fast you type and how nobody can beat you.

If that’s you, then you should be FLOGGED by your Vice-Chancellor!

Wake up buddy! Turn your SKILL into money!

Collect those 10-paper and projects from your friends and other students, and type cash off them.

  • First, start by approaching the students who are in need of typing their work.
  • Charge them like N50, N60 or N70 per page (make N2,000 from just 40 pages) and before you know it students will be looking for your services.


A friend of mine had a laserjet printer which he used for business. And instead of collecting normal N15/N20 for printing, he collected N7.99k. This attracted lots of students. Even those who typed for money partnered with him. Every student knew him and the services he offered.

So, if you have a LASERJET (not deskjet), why not commercialize it and print cool CASH!


The most loved sports in Nigeria is football. It has quite a large fan base supporting both home and foreign clubs. It is our favorite game to watch and most times bet on.

Sports betting can give you hundreds of money or even THOUSANDS!

Betting sites (like Nairabet, Bet9ja etc.) can come in handy.
But be careful! You have to know how things work and when to/when not bet. (Read: How to bet matches and win)
If you are a beginner, only engage in it with a small portion of your money. And DON’T you ever use your school fees.

I don’t personally encourage betting houses as they tend to strip students of their precious time.


Linda Ikeji has shown us that a laptop, internet and articles can turn an individual into a millionaire. (Click here if you want to write/publish an article to TheOWLCampus).

For sure, it’s demanding and requires hard work. But, if you are into the internet stuff and also a good writer, opening a website/blog is an excellent step, both for present and future purposes.

Opening a website is very simple and can be done in less than 30 minutes.
Website generates money in different ways including ads placement.


Yea, you may know, but it’s a good way to make money off your brain. It may be for the NERDY and intelligent students, but it doesn’t kill to apply if are eligible.

There are lots of scholarship exams!

And successful candidates get paid from N150,000 to N200,000 every year till their graduation; given that they maintain a specified Grade Point (G.P).


Some of us are gifted; endowed with talents and skills (acting, dancing, making cakes, making artistic cards, drawing, painting, knitting etc.). These skills if well-developed can prove to be an effective source of income.

So, why not market your craft now?

  • You can make beads/ knit stuffs: find prospective buyers.
  • Can you dance?: join a respectable clique and get paid for dancing at shows.
  • You make artistic cards?: show the cards to lover boys to purchase for their girlfriends (especially on Valentine’s Day).
  • Can you make cakes?: met birthday individual beforehand and tear that money off their pockets. You can also advertise your works to lectures and relatives by showing them a picture collection of your cakes.
  • You are talented in “makeup”: show it off! Makeup your friends for free, then monetize your services when you start getting attention.

It doesn’t end at these skills listed above. NEVER!

If you have a skill, school is the first place to make money out of it.


  • Do not copy notes for others for the pay. It’s tedious and time consuming!
  • Though selling your stuffs (e.g. used phone) can give you immediate cash, only sell things you DO NOT need.

Though there are many other ways to make money as a student, the above ways are most suitable for students. They are practicable, require very little or NO CAPITAL and do not interfere with our academics.
Remember, your main aim in school is to pass with good grades. Always have that in mind.

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