Youth Lead There are various tasks you can execute using your phones, mobile devices, laptops and PCs. It has been designed to develop your mental capacity and activate the ingenuity in YOU. A successful completion of task will activate payments which are usually weekly at the discretion of the member.
Find below a few of the income generation tasks

1) Income Generation “THINK & GROW RICH”
Here you present Unique Ideas regarding Youth Engagement that will promote Skills and Development and you get N50,000 per unique idea offered. This gives you and your friends the opportunity to use your ingenuity to make as much additional income as possible.

2) Income Generation “ARTICLE PUBLICATION”
Write an article on any educative subject about Nigeria example: Economy, Inflation, Standard of Living, Transportation and any other topic that interests you so long as it is not politics.
You get paid up to N5,000 per 100likes coming from facebook platform. And in multiples of 100likes per article.

3) Income Generation “CONTESTS & COMPETITIONS
All members of Youthslead will win cash prices of up to N100,000 for any public contest won. In otherwards if you win any competition, become the best graduating student in your faculty, the best student in any professional exams or even winner of a beauty peagent. Any recognised public contest won will be rewarded with up to N100,000
Examples: Football, Basket Ball and Swimming competitions. Professional Exams, Graduate Exams, Beauty Peagents among others.

4) Income Generation: “COMMISSIONS ON ADVERT FEES”
If a member was involved in getting an advert to our platform. He gets a 5% commission on the advert fees and 3% commission on subsequent advert fees so long as the advert is continually placed on the platform.’

5) Income Generation: “PLATFORM PROMOTION”
If a member promotes this platform and creates her awareness to friends and contacts directing them to the website. On completion of registration, the member earns up to N200 and may be entitled to same amount every month his referrer generates income and stays active on the platform.
Star Achievers in this category may win Brand New Hyundai Elantra 2016 Model

6) Income Generation:”AFRICAN ART, VISUALS(Photography) & FASHION
Are you skilled in any of these areas? Why wait for income only when purchases are made? Earn income once your Art, Photography work or Fashion design is appreciated. Earn up to N10,000.00 per 100 rating for your work.

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