ABU Nobles – The Higher institutions Football League that came up on August 29, 2018, has seen Players From Ahmadu Bello University back home based on a misdeed which was against the rule of the game.

The match between this team and Unilorin had come up first on August 8, 2018, where Ilorin won by one to nothing. Another match was played on August 29, 2018, between these two teams and saw ABU Nobles disqualified from the game.

According to an investigation which was carried out by the Technical Review Committee on the match, the reason for the disqualification of the Ahmadu Bello University team players is because of an act of rule breaching. The report states that “the ABU Noble teams fielded an ineligible player, who had earlier been disapproved by the HiFL/NUGA accreditation director during the registration process and was therefore ineligible to play the match in the light of the disqualification decision”

 Meanwhile, irrespective of the disqualification of the team, Unilorin, which is the opposition team of ABU Noble, has on the 6th and 19th of September, 2018, been cleared to play proceed with its quarterfinal against UDUS Sultans in the return leg.


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