Authorities of Damongo Senior High School (SHS) in the West Gonja District of the Northern Region have threatened to expel students using mobile phones contrary to rules and regulations of the schools after abysmal performance of students in this year’s West Africa Senior Secondary School Certificate Examination (WASSSCE).

The headmaster of the school, Alhaji Harrison warned students after ordering and burning of over 300 mobile phones seized from students in a collaborative overnight raid by teachers, housemasters and senior prefects.

He explains the action was to dissuade others from bringing mobile phones to school and to help curb the growing student indiscipline on campus as he is shocked of the students’ performances recently released by the West African Examination Council (WAEC).

According to sources in the school, authorities over the years have been complaining about the rampant use of mobile gadgets by students on campus and even during the class session which they said was breeding indiscipline among students

“After several warnings, the headmaster decided to carry out the ‘search, seize and destroy’ measure to discourage the use of mobile phones in the school. We are blaming the alarming campus indiscipline for the poor performance of students”, our sources revealed.

Our reporters also gathered that students spend more time on phones than their books and studies, especially senior female students who virtually spend all night making and receiving calls from their lovers.

Some students whose phones were seized and destroyed condemned the action by the school authorities as harsh and wicked. One form 2 female student from a town in the Volta Region, who lost her Samsung galaxy phone told her parent bought for her weeks ago, said she used her phone only to communicate with her parents.

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