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Governors wife describes students of AAUA as the most irresponsible

The Governor's wife says the students mocked her as breast cancer survivor who should have died.

Students of Adekunle Ajasin University, Akungba are again in disagreement with the first family in Ondo State, as Governors wife describes them as the most irresponsible students she has ever seen.

The wife of the state governor, Betty Anyawu-Akeredolu during the maiden edition of the Ondo State Social Media Day (OSMD) criticised how the students use social media.

Akeredolu was the guest speaker at the event held at the T.I. Francis Auditorium of the Federal University of Technology Akure (FUTA) the students use the social media to throw all sorts of abuse at the elderly in the society.

The Governor’s wife recalled how Adekunle Ajasin University students during their protest against fee hike insulted her on social media on social media for justifying her husband’s action.

She said the students mocked her as a breast cancer survivor and also wished her dead for supporting their fee increment.

”The AAUA students are the most irresponsible students I have ever seen in my life and you can go anywhere to quote me,”.

“They took to the social media mostly on the WhatsApp page to insult me because they were protesting over an increase in their school fees and I was talking about the breast cancer while also justifying the hike in the fee.

“The old age commands respect and just like the example I gave you, the confrontation I had with the AAUA Students, and some of them even wished me dead. Some of them said ‘oh, we learnt she is a breast cancer survivor, she should have died.’ Can you imagine that?

“Because you are protesting against increment of your school fees, you go to that extent, you went to wish somebody dead” she said.

Students react

However, according to Sahara Reporters the first lady’s remark about the students didn’t go down well as some students who were present at the event, reportedly marched out of the venue in silent protest.

One of the students who reacted to the governor’s wife’s remark said; “The statement from the Governor’s wife is very reckless and also insulting to the entire students of Ondo state. I can’t imagine how an important public office holder will be describing the students of the tertiary institution as irresponsible.

You will recall that the students of the state-owned university in April 2018, threatened to make Ondo state ungovernable for Governor Rotimi Akeredolu if he fails to reverse their school fees.

The students issued the threat following tuition increase at the university from N30,000 to N180,000.

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