Below is a short text of my conversation with a lady in the satellite area of EKSU.

Me: why did you dress like this miss?

The girl: what is your business with how I dress? Any problem with that?Me: sister what you are wearing speaks against how a cultured lady should dress.

The girl: please leave me and face where you are going to.

Dear Readers,
I hope you understand the point am making in the above conversation.
I was just passing through the area and believe me,the girl’s dressing is taunting to the extent that I was forced to ask her why she dressed in such manner.
I questioned her because it will be of benefit to this piece.

In my own opinion,
indecent dressing is a way of dressing provocatively or dressing in a way that is likely to seduce or offend people.

Over the years,there has been issues on indecent dressing of students mostly ladies in our various campuses.
Indecent appearances has come to characterize the dress pattern of many students.
The students dressed seductively,leaving much to be desired.

What they call skirt is just about one inch longer than there pants,and they start struggling to sit,find difficulties crossing gutters and even picking something from the ground.
Apart from the fact that what they wear is skimpy,
it is also transparent,revealing certain parts of their body that under normal dressing pattern,it should be hidden.

The issue of indecent dressing is common among girls in this citadel of learning.
Most girls go to class with their breast revealed,tight being exposed and even wearing jean trouser that exposes their underwear when they sit or bend.
The University management have put in many measures to stop this deadly act of indecent dressing in EKSU and in most universities which we must commend them for.

I must also commend the securities in the school for the job they are doing to curb this menace called indecent dressing.
To confirm what I’m talking about,one should just take a walk around satellite area at night,you will understand my plight.

The question now is,
must ladies dress indecently before they are admired?
Rather what they attract is public insult,assault and even sexual harassment which have contributed to the cases of rape,sexual harassment and threat actions from male students and even lecturers on campus.

Students tends to lose focus on why they are in school and rather,they focus more on the latest fashion wears in vogue.
They get easily manipulated and distracted,thereby imitating other people’s lifestyle.
Instead of working towards what they want to become in life,they will rather be the reigning girl on campus.

Exposure of the body is like an advert placement,a notice telling people about an available product or service which should only be ‘Olosho’s way.
Cases of sexual harassment are often traced to the exposure of ladies sensitive parts.

The consequence of indecent dressing are obvious,
it destroys womanhood,
it speaks evil of you.

Ladies, Dress the way you want people to address you,don’t dress to impress,
wear clothes that suits your body size and not clothes that looks good on your friends who are obviously several time smaller than you are,do not copy others and be contented with the little you have.

In a nutshell,Ladies, when you don’t expose yourself,you are telling people that you respect yourself and can achieve your dreams through hard work and perseverance.

One do not need to ask you before they can detect the kind of home you came out from.

Ogundele Gbenga Temitope

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