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#GetInvolved: For a better Nigeria, Youth should be ready to vote and be voted for – Comr. Sanni Ramon, Tasued SUG President


Sanni Ramon Adeyemi a student activist and a volunteer campaigner for the youth movement, Get Involved. Below is the interview we had with him recently. Believe me when I say it is rich and so much enlightening. Enjoy…


Q: May we meet you, sir?

Thank you very much for this opportunity. I am Comrade Sanni Ramon Adeyemi a.k.a Ubuntu. I am the current Students Union Government president of the first and preferred the University of Education in Nigeria, Tai Solarin University of Education (TASUED), Ijagun, Ogun State, Nigeria.


Q: Get Involved – What is your take on Youth Participation in Nigeria politics?

[bctt tweet=”Nigeria of today is in a very sorry state. There is no single sector that you can boast of its activeness. – Sanni Ramon” username=”theowlcampus”]

I believe that the best way to get something corrected is to be fully involved in the process of making such a thing. Nigeria of today is in a very sorry state. There is no single sector that you can boast of its activeness. This is where we have found ourselves. A society where her youths are not politically inclined and left out of governance and decision making, such a society is never a progressive one. Nigeria is a perfect case study. Maybe we should go back to history. I believe history still has it that those that agitated for our independence which some have successfully bastardized today, were all youths. The likes of Pa Obafemi Awolowo, Tafawa Balewa were in their thirties during this particular struggle. Nnamdi Azikiwe who happened to be the eldest of them all was just 42 years of age. Even our President, Muhammadu Buhari was a youth when he became the then Head of State.

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[bctt tweet=”For any course to be successful or not, the youths are surely the major determinant factor – Sanni Ramon” username=”theowlcampus”]

For any course to be successful or not, the youths are surely the major determinant factor. Nigeria was a great nation and a compulsory force to reckon with by all nations when the youths were the drivers and pilots of the nation. All progressive nations are nations where the youths are relevant in governance and decision making. The youths dominate a larger percentage of any nation’s population, as they are the major determinants of the success of any nation.

For our nation to become great again, I think it’s high time the youths wake up from their slumber and start standing up for what they deserve. Not until the youths realize that their ability is not meant to be used as an instrument of destruction of the society’s peace by most leaders of ours who are callous but to be invested positively for the betterment of our nation, then permit me to say, we are going nowhere. Someone said that Nigeria is the most backward society in the world, why? Because the youths have been successfully stampeded and they no more understand the difference between their rights and privileges.

For a better Nigeria, I strongly opine that it’s time for the youths to become actively involved, not just in politics but in governance as well. They should be ready to vote and be voted for.

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Q: Get Involved – Some are of the view that the youths have traded their place in Nigeria’s politics. What is your view on this?

Well, looking at the present settings, you will agree with me that it’s not in any way in favor of the youths, but of course, I believe that the youths can always create a place for themselves. It’s very sardonic and disheartening that at this point in time, we still find some youths, educated ones for that matter still running after these clueless politicians all in the name of trying to make ends meet. You see many youths today risking their lives and trading their futures for the peanuts they get from politicians. They no longer care about effective representation, they care less about competence when selecting those to vouch for. To them, the competent ones are those that can spend lavishly. The result is what we have today, we celebrate looters on a daily basis while the small thieves are rotting in prison. Currently, Nigeria is in need of a third force, this is because the present ruling party, APC has proven that it is not in anyway different from PDP. Nigeria’s politics of today is centred around PDP and APC, and they have both convinced the masses that they are homes of failures.

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