It was on the faithful morning of Feb. 14th 2012 “lovers day”  TASUED students were mobilized by senior comrades & TASUED SUG Executives Welfare ’11/12 led by Com. Oyekanmi Abdullahi Abiodun (A.K.A Plato), in ten(10) buses,  departed for Governor’s Office for a peaceful air of their displeasure over the scrapping/merging of our collective endowment (TASUED).


They trooped in numbers and convoy full of unrelenting and efficacious TASUEDites who believed in the TASUED dreams and aspirations, before the departure, the Vice President: Com. Alaka Olayemi made a clear-cut admonition concerning their mission to Ogun State Governor’s Office at Oke-Imosan, Abeokuta, Ogun State.


She said, “Make sure you all remain a well-cultured individual and don’t project TASUED to the whole world in a distasteful manner”


Afterwards, Aluta songs took the air in a choir-like manner with no resolve to vandalize or cause harm.  The journey continued as expected, it got to a time when the bus that conveyed Com. Olatunji Fashina was ahead of others because there was no traffic congestion,   but

it was a great shock to the students when they learnt that the bus which just passed them by was involved in a tragic automobile accident.


Reaching accident scene,  TASUED comrades were seen in a way like never before, the togetherness in rescuing the severed-injured ones started and the swift reaction they got from other road-users were second-to-none as well, the bond of TASUED brotherhood was not unoriginal, that day testified to it.


One of the comrades in the bus recounted his ordeals as thus: “We were very near to Kobape when the accident happened. The comrades in the bus had deepened bruises on their body and one of them by name “Humble Tee-Jay” had his right arm outside the bus before the accident occurence and that made him lose his right arm,

However the students tried to save his life by promptly rushing him down to the Federal Medical Centre, Idi Aba, Abeokuta.


With prayers, brotherly love and strenght, their hearts were with Humble-Teejay as they prayed for his quick recovery while on their  way to Governor’s Office.  Unfortunately for the students, on getting to the Governor’s office, the state government stationed soldiers prevented them from going in through the main entrance. They had to take a detour to enter with courage, as they held Humble-Teejay’s blood-soaked cloth, blood-stained placards and our severely wounded comrades along as a sign of seriousness-of-purpose and no-play expedition.


Teejay’s heightened commitment and love for TASUED was re-affirmed when he continued uttering “TASUED” “TASUED” “TASUED” while on the death bed before he gave up the ghost at about 1.49pm that same day.


Ogun State Governor, Senator Ibikunle Amosun couldn’t address us as he was allegedly said to be out of the country for some official duties, he sent some representatives consisting of the Speaker of Ogun state House of Assembly, Deputy Speaker, Secretary to the State Government and some other government functionaries and they promised to get on top of the issue as usually promised by Nigerian Politicians.


The arrival of the SUG President: Com. Oyekanmi Abiodun turned the tensed situation to a calm one after he addressed the students and reiterated that the cause of struggle is still been upheld and victory will be achieved with our collective service and determination.


Com. Olatunji David Fashina, A.k.a ‘Humble- TeeJay was a 400 level student of Social Work in Sociological Study, he was an active comrade, he was the President of the Rotaract Club of the school, Public Relations Officer of Sociology department and a role model to those coming behind him.


Also, the school Students Union Government Welfare ’11/12 led by Com. Oyekanmi Abiodun named the SUG building after him now called “Com. Fashina Olatunji Secretariat” and the Students’ Union leadership facilitated a 4-years scholarship for Humble-Teejay’s Younger brother (Mr. Lanre Fashina) which was granted by the University Management, but would it be better if a memorial lecture is organized annually for this great man?


The efforts of comrades in building the TASUED of our dream are, well appreciated and also implore every student to stay away from unionism of calumny and defamation. Sincerely work for a common purpose of bringing progress to the students’ populace.


We will always look forward to Union free from management influence and external exertion.


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