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FarmHack NG set to storm Lautech

How FarmHack NG plans to collaborate with LAUTECH students to solve agricultural problems in Nigeria.

After a successful debut at the University of Ibadan and a second run at the Federal University of Agriculture, Abeokuta, last year, FarmHack NG 2018 is now set to hold for the first time in LAUTECH.

Barely two years since its launch, FarmHack NG has become renown for engaging students from institutions across Nigeria to find strategic solutions to pressing challenges in the agricultural industry, using technology.

FarmHack NG’s entrée into LAUTECH is also very timely considering there are six rigorous undergraduate programmes and three postgraduate programmes in the Faculty of Agriculture, positioning it as an ideal hub for agricultural research and development and also providing a larger poll of agro-innovators.

LAUTECH students are, however, not new to ‘FarmHacking.’ “FarmHack NG 2017 was very engaging,” says Fasasi Tariq a 300L Agricultural Engineering student of LAUTECH who attended the FarmHack event at the University of Ibadan.

What you can gain from participating in FarmHack NG

This year, participants of FarmHack NG will team up to discuss, analyze, and solve agro-related challenges like solving logistics problem in domestic farming and farm sales and helping farmers scale using data and analytics.

As a bonus, attendees will also acquire skills in critical thinkings, web development, writing business plans, and pitching. Participants will also get to take part in competitions and win various prizes.

According to the organizers, the vision of FarmHack NG is to “nurture early entrepreneurs to utilize human resource development and information technology to solve economic and agricultural challenges,” and to “apply a scholarly approach to agricultural demands.”

How to be a part of FarmHack NG

FarmHack NG LAUTECH will hold from Friday 25th till Saturday 26th of May 2018 at High Rise Building on LAUTECH main campus.

All you need to do to be a part of it is to register here

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