“Extend deadline for registration” UDUS Students plead

Sequel to the statement made by the Dean of Student Affairs, Prof. Muhammad Aminu Mode which mandated all students to complete their registration before Saturday, the 25th of January, 2020 or be forced to defer the session, students are pleading to the management to extend the deadline as they are financially challenged.

Pen Press gathered that the university management fixed three weeks for registration for both newly admitted students and returning students. In the opinions of these students our reporter spoke with, the provided time is not enough and they beg that it be extended.
They attributed their plea to two constraints: the nature of Nigerian’s economy and the increment of school fees.

One of the students, Yusuf Abdulkadir, a 400L Student in Biology Education complained that he like many of his colleagues do not live in Sokoto, and would be difficult for them to gather the needed money at the given time.

He said: “The time limit given for the registration is not too bad but I am not really satisfied with the deadline for registration because most of the students especially those of us who come from another state to study don’t find it easy to get the money in order to pay it on time.”

Yusuf further lamented that for TP students like himself who are not Sokoto residents, paying the school fees at the stipulated time is near-impossible as a result of the little time they have after the TP session.

His words: “Just take example of most of us in Faculty Of Education that are expected to spend almost 6weeks and later increased to 9weeks for our Teaching Practice immediately after the session ends.

And immediately after the Teaching Practice ends, the next thing that come to our mind is how to get money to pay our school fees for the next session before we resume for the session in which we don’t have even a week to go back home and get the money on time.

“I will be very happy if the management could please have a look at the situation and extend the deadline for registration, so as to allow more students especially those who are sponsoring themselves to use the opportunity and get their school fees in order to pay as expected by the school.” He added.

In an interview with Sani Ismail, a 200L Student Of Education Chemistry aired his dissatisfaction over the deadline, because most of the students may not have the opportunity to pay the school fees within that short period of time.

“I am not satisfied with the deadline for registration because about 20% of Danfodites wouldn’t be able to pay their fees within the deadline set by management and this doesn’t happen intentionally. It happens as a result of financial problems facing this country. I would you be happy if the management extends the deadline for the registration of new and returning students.” He appealed.

Abubakar Abdullahi, a 300L student in Geology Department explained to Pen Press that he is not satisfied with the deadline fixed by the management because he is sponsoring himself to come to school and may not have the opportunity to get the money within that short period of time.

“I am not satisfied with the date fixed by the management because of my source of income. I buy and sell product, and if it happens like that, that means I have to sell them now, and it’s going to be at cheaper rates and the money would not be enough for my fees.” He bewailed.

Similarly, Shehu Muhammad, a 200L Student in Hausa Language told Pen Press that the deadline for registration is not convenient for average students to pay their school fees because of several responsibilities on the sponsor to pay for necessary things such as hostel fees, tranport fare and foodstuffs for the students.

He said: “Actually, to be sincere with you, l am not satisfied with the deadline stipulated by school management, the average students would not be able to pay their school fees at stipulated time because they have several responsibilities on their shoulder, such as provision and other necessary things.

“Indeed l would be delighted if the school management extends the deadline for the registration of both fresh and returning students because it would allow several students to be well-ready.” He begged.

Like Shehu, Sadisu Abdullah, a 200L Law Student also expressed his discontentment over the deadline for registration and pleaded to the school management to extend the deadline for registration in order to give the students an opportunity to pay their money. He however added that the main reason is because of the increment of the school fess.

Chiamaka Nwokeleme, a 400L student in Biology also stated that the deadline for registration is too short and she pleaded that if the deadline for registration is being extended, it would give an apportunity for the parents to pay their chidrens’ school fees.

“Well, my opinion is that some students don’t have the means to pay their school fees within this stipulated time given by the management and most parents can’t afford to pay it due to financial situation of this country.

“I believe that if the school authority and management could extend the deadline for the registration of both the new and returning students, it would help the situation where by both the school and the parents would be happy as well as comply by making sure that their children fees are paid.” She added.

Bin Liman, a 300L student in Public Administration suggested that the management should follow the procedure of the previous session, in which the deadline for registration was two to three weeks to exam.

“This would allow all the students to pay their fees before the period of exam.” He opined.

Students’ Union React

The PRO of the Students’ Union in an interview with Pen Press UDUS responded to the students’ reactions and complained bitterlly, stating that it’s only in UDUS that you would see the students paying their school fees at the time they wish.

He concluded by revealing that some students are owing the management three different sessions without paying their school fees, yet, the management overlooked it, and that’s the problem the management wants to rectify this year and the management has taken their decision on the deadline for registration.

Abdulrasheed Hammad is a 300L Law Student at Usmanu Danfodiyo University, Sokoto.

He can be reached through this Gmail : or Whatapp through this contact : 08083638703.

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