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We all need to agree that there is an existing problem of Unemployment and the reason is basically that there are more job seekers than job creators.

A majority of Nigerians will agree with the fact that unemployment is one of the major problems the country has continued to face for decades with no sign of hope (of getting the problem solved) in the nearest future, yet everybody still prefers to compound to the problem rather than looking for ways to solve it. Nigerian at this stage of her existence needs more problem solvers, who are ready to think creatively with the ability to do everything possible to curb the menace of unemployment.

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According to a research conducted by National Bureau of Statistics (NBS) in December 2016, after schools have convocated their new graduands, the unemployment rate is said to have increased by 13.9% a figure which is still likely to increase by December of this year, evidently in the figure of convocating students! Should this persist, is there any hope for a bright future? Is there any hope for a graduate? What will then convince the coming generations that Education is the best legacy? Definitely, we are still heading towards another economic crisis.

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Any country whose Labour force increases geometrically and the available jobs increases arithmetically must know that they are already in bankruptcy and their future is becoming extremely disastrous economically. ENTERPRISING MINDSET

The best and ideal solution to lack of unemployment is that individuals must begin to understand that there is a need for both Labour force and available jobs to be moving in the same sequence, and for that to be possible we need more people with ENTERPRISING MINDSET, people who can create jobs for others. Imagine a situation where 50% of graduates in Nigeria are business owners, believe me, they would be able to provide jobs for the remaining 50%. ENTERPRISING MINDSET

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Even secondary school students are no longer interested in learning trades, skills and other activities aside from school which could make them become successful without doing the 9-5 job. I was recently at an event and the speaker asked the crowd who majority are secondary school students “How many of you would love to be a business person in future” trust me less than 1% of the population raised their hands and it saddened my heart because I wonder how the students have gotten it so wrong at this early stage of their lives. Then I concluded that something must be done, somebody must tell them that business people are the hope of the nation and make them know that they are the change the world is waiting for. ENTERPRISING MINDSET

As a student irrespective of your course of study if you can develop an ENTERPRISING MINDSET, trust me the generation to come will celebrate you.



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