The University Management of Ekiti State University, reached an agreement with the student union body as the initial portal fee was cancel.

During the constructive argument meeting that held on the 7th of December between the NANS Z0ne D Leadership, the EKSU Student Union body & the University Management made the school management realize that the ICT FEE students has been paying as part of their school fee is supposed to take care of the portal management.

The Student union further stressed the importance of the portal and why it should remain for the benefits of both the students and the school and also appealed to the school management that the removal of the portal fee should not stop the existence and operation of the new portal.
The Vice Chancellor Prof. Samuel Oye Bandele, during the consultation said: “I will always be a listening father, because he will always be a father for the students, of the students and by the students”. The vice chancellor also urges the students to pay their school fees in due time, as most students during this period uses their school fee for the ponzi scheme MMM.

The vice chancellor praised student union for its resilience and its doggedness in making sure that the process of the consultations starts and ends on a positive note, even with the lots of pressure from the students clamoring for Confrontation with the school management, the vice chancellor further praised the union for their attitude towards dealing with the accusation that has been made against the TEAM’s administration of agreeing to accept certain percentage of the portal fee which is false.
Speaking to union, the team further reiterates their stance to never fail Nigerian students as this struggle didn’t start today and will not stop fighting for the interest of Nigerian students and also thanks the school management for giving a listening hear to the cry of the Nigerian students and also the students for their patience during this challenging period.

On a short note, the Student union expressed their believe in consultations as it does not only brings proper solutions but also brings peace between the students and the school management with regards to a quote by Aristotle that: “it is not enough to win, it is more important to organize the peace”

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