Student Proposes – The sight of men proposing to their lovers at the most unimaginable places and manner has indeed become a common phenomenon and trend for a while now especially with more people inventing new and even more daring concepts to wow the Internet.

According to a news report by Arbico Parrot, Two students lovers of Adeyemi College of Education, Ondo, Mr Bamidele Oluwamoyowa Emmanuel and Miss Omolara Omoniyi advanced their relationship to another level as Emmanuel proposed to his heart rob during a classroom course of DCE 202 class on Monday morning.

The students who were present at the scene, were quite astonished at the dramatic scenario and had no choice but to snap while others shouted in excitement, a source who spoke to Arbico Parrot said the duo have been dating for a period of aeon, the young man who’s a 400L student of Education and Counselling department and the lady who is also a 200L student of English department have been enjoying series of attention from the populace after the proposal scenario.

It is a woman’s dream to receive a proposal for marriage from her desired partner. The whole act of falling in love, getting an engagement ring and the excitement that suddenly lights her face when she savours the opportunity to tell the whole world.

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