Hello, Pls I need help and reasonable solution to reduce my recharge card cost to my girlfriend. I’m in a distant relationship and I need to be talking to my girl everyday as I’m in Abuja and she is Lagos.We are so close and so fond of each other that we can gist for hours on a stretch. Sometimes I end up borrowing credit from MTN only to finish it on her again, she would do the same until even her borrowed credit is finished too. This is straining my finances as I need to load at least N400 recharge card every day to talk to her. She also buys recharge card to talk to me constantly as we both are working.

This everyday buying of at least N400 recharge card is putting a hole in my pocket, so I was wondering, is there any way I can reduce my call cost to her. Pls note, both of us are committed to the relationship and we cannot afford to compromise on our everyday communication as this is what keeps us glued together.

Pls if you have any solution out there I would be grateful to even pay for such.


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