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DEAR FRESHERS: 6 things to take note of – GANIU BOLAJI

I welcome all newly admitted students into this great citadel of learning.

Dear freshers, your journey into this noble institution is not a mistake either a coincidence because you paid the ‘acceptance fee’.

If you don’t know that ‘failure is not an option because he who fails to plan, plan to fail’ and for you to succeed on campus you must take note of the following:

1. LECTURES: your primary assignment on campus is to learn and learning goes beyond the four walls of a classroom. So endeavor not to miss any of your classes irrespective of the courses/lecturers. Don’t listen to those that usually say ‘not all lectures are important’ because you must pass all your registered courses before you can graduate!

Continuous assessment or impromptu test can be conducted at any time. Don’t forget that attendance is also taken in lecture room/hall likewise assignment can also be given and submitted there any time.

2. TIME: someone once said that our greatest enemy is ‘time’ because any time wasted can never be regained.
You have freedom now to do anything at your own convenient time but don’t forget your freedom can lead to your doom.

Always be conscious of how you spend time, where you spend your time, whom you’re spending your time with and on what purpose? Try to justify these questions on a daily basis.

3. EXAMS: a slang says ‘school sweet but na exams spoil am’ (pidgin).
Don’t forget that as a new student you have a golden opportunity to start your academic excellence with first class; if you prepare, study and pray there’s nothing that can stop you to succeed in all your courses at once without any carry-over.

So, for you to excel in your examination you must ‘make hay while sunshine’.

4. FRIENDS: ‘Bad company corrupt good manners’ be careful of those you associate with.
Don’t forget that you’re from different family background and your goal on campus is different. It’s not everyone you can call your pal.
Remember that it’s not all of you that will be matriculated together will graduate together!

5. LIFESTYLE: ‘Your attitude determine your altitude’ if you’re not careful the way you want to live your life on campus you may go astray.
The predators are everywhere; especially for the ladies many will come to you for one reason or the other, look before you leap!
Please don’t get carried away with materials because nothing last forever. There are many distractions on campus, you must be contented and stay focus to pursuit your academic excellence.

6. IRREGULARITY: you must abide by the school rules and regulations.
There are many abnormal behaviors among students on campus, you must not engage in social vices which can destroy your life and also terminate your studentship on Campus such as: Cultism, Examination-Malpractices, Stealing, Thuggery, Hooligalism, Prostitution, Drug-Abuse, Smoking etc.

Lastly, Dear freshers remember the child of whom you are while on campus, don’t forget the condition of your parents and how you left home.

Written by: SHODEHINDE GANIU BOLAJI (#ganiubolaji)

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