The Senior Staff Association of Nigerian Universities of Obafemi Awolowo University recently met with some members of the RESCUE OAU TACT TEAM at the Student Union Building.

The worker’s unions upon recent developments have met and have posited that the mode of selecting a candidate for recommendation to the ministry of education for the office of acting Vice Chancellor must be credible lest it be given a refutation.

The SSANU Chairman  explained to members to the TACT TEAM that the acting vice chancellor can only be elected by the senate and members of the senate have to be given 72 hours(3 days) notification before they can sit. He claimed the senate meeting would hold by either Thursday, Friday, or at max Monday. Which he claimed would open a way for quick students resumption..

However, students are enjoined to keep the quest alive as we demand for restoration of order in the school and prompt resumption.

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