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The LAUTECH STUDENTS’ UNION government, which was suspended after a post-election violence, has finally been reinstated.

The school management, in a bid to ensure the reinstatement, transferred the control, and responsibility of the union to the parliamentary arm of the Union. It is to be led by the Speaker of the house till a fresh election is conducted. LAUTECH STUDENTS’ UNION

The inauguration of the set of new leaders took place on Wednesday, 8th November 2017.

The inauguration ceremony which didn’t start as expected had the Speaker of the house, Adeoti Abd Hafeez of Civil Engineering constituency sworn in as the leader of the Students’ Union and Other honorables, to take official duties in the Students’ Union. LAUTECH STUDENTS’ UNION

It is expected that the house forms committees to handle different capacities towards the growth of the Union.

After the inauguration, the Speaker, now leader of the Students’ Union, urged Ladokites to rally round his administration to achieve success. LAUTECH STUDENTS’ UNION

He said, “It is a known fact that we assumed office as at when the union is at a pitiable and deplorable state. In spite of this, rejuvenating the Union is sacrosanct. Since an embargo was placed on our Union [couples of months ago], a lot of irregularities has taken place. We hope to find a lasting  and peaceful solution to those irregularities via peaceful dialogue.”

“We hope to serve ladokites diligently, passionately and above all,  fight, defend and protect the interest of all well-meaning ladokites,” he added.

He urged the students, staff, and management to support his administration in order to have a successful administration. “With their support, there is absolutely no limit to what this administration can achieve,” he said

We’re highly expectant of a formidable Students’ Union after a long time.