Friday, February 28, 2020

SU Budget: Fairy Tale Like Others Before It. What Are The Issues?

The UDUS SRA's attention has once again been captured by controversy over budget presentation and defense process. Each time I look at the budget distributed in the...

Fela Durotoye’s visit to OAU: (Observations & Reservations)

what is the potency of motivations and inspirations over realities of the system. Inspiration is an integral part of human nature that should be activated at every time in response to a level of excitement and urge to do something.

2017 OAU & UI Elections and the Looming Issues

It is noteworthy that students are always ready to avoid issues and discussions on fee hike and anti student policies not because it's not correct but due to certain fears that are understandable.

UI SUG Leader Suspension: BETTER LATE THAN NEVER – Shegz De Kaptain

The SRC chambers of University of Ibadan yesterday made a hat trick decisions in a sitting that took too many dramatic twists, which lead to the Suspension of the SU President, General Secretary and the Vice President
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