Lyrics: I Believe by @MasscommLaspo

Verse 1
I believe in future
That one day there will be
A land filled with love
Know to all the earth
Where peace and togetherness
Will make us live as one
No segregation but true federalism

I believe
O yes i believe
Living in harmony
Together you and i
Let us work together
And make this nation great
O yes we can if we believe

Verse 2
This is more than confession
Above my comprehension
Let’s discover our love
And recover our lose
As one big family
This is our nation
Echim na echigi marama

Verse 3
She is my resting place
From our nature i find my identity
Our look’s give ray of hope
Our voice say’s all is well
Nigeria my country
We closer to our dreams
Greater things to come

Verse 4
Ojuelegba kama na rawa le gba
Surulere kafi ife bara wa lo
Bad agreement kole gbe wa debe
Eje kamu rawa lokan
Ada, Dada, Danlandi
Musa haanu muci gaba

Let’s us live as one
For a better nation
Hausa ti Igbo ti Yoruba wa
Kama yawa ra so to
Let’s us live as one