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Students top list as 42 Nigerians commit suicide in 6 months

The horrors of the grave closed in on no fewer than 42 Nigerians, among them 11 students, who committed suicide within the first and second quarters of this year alone. Majority of the victims ended their lives by consuming the deadly insecticide called sniper while others either drank acid or set selves afire.

He was a promising and budding poet. At the department of English and Literary Studies, University of Nigeria, Nsuka where he was an undergraduate, many saw him taking after notable Nigerian poets such as the legendary Christopher Okigbo.

But barely a year to his graduation tragedy struck. Ironically this young 400-level student killed his dreams by taking his own life. On May 13, 2019, the  body of Chukwuemeka Akachi was discovered by a passerby after he had successfully executed his suicide mission in the solitude of an uncompleted building located at the Sullivan Road, Nsuka.

He was said to have slipped into coma after taking two bottles of the deadly insects’ killer called sniper.

Although a passerby reportedly rushed Akachi to the UNN Federal Medical Centre in an effort to revive him it was too late as he was declared dead at the hospital.

Shortly before his demise Akachi was said to have posted a suicide note on his Facebook wall which waxed poetic. “Forgive me. In case you are the one who found the body, I am really sorry. It had to be someone you know. I have chosen Jo Nketaih’s poem as my suicide note: They said you came looking for me. I don’t drown, I was the water. Where do atheists go when they die? Lol. Amen”, the note read, according to a close friend.”

The friend who sought identity protection also said Akachi’s suicide note attributed his action to his deteriorating mental health. “My mental health has been on life support for a while now. Thanks to those who called, texted and visited. Speak to me. May we always remember. May we never forget. You may have added a few hours, months or days to my time here. But you know life support is expensive right? Thank you for trying. Amen…”

As if visited by the spectre of death, Samuel Elias, 25, another final year student of the department of Religion and Culture, University of Nigeria Nsukka (UNN) also committed suicide early last week by drinking the deadly chemical, Sniper.

The mother of the deceased, Mrs. Kate Elias a staff of the university, said the unfortunate incident happened on Monday June 17, around 5.30pm in her house at Justina Eze Street Nsukka. “I came back from work on that fateful day and discovered that the mood of my first child was bad and he was staggering when he came to collect a bottle of coke from the fridge. I followed him immediately to his room and started talking to him but he could not respond and when I looked closely, I discovered that his teeth had tightened up. “As I looked around, I saw an empty Sniper bottle. At this point I raised alarm and my other children rushed to the room and we tried to give him palm oil but his tightened teeth did not allow the oil to enter his mouth,” she said.

Mrs. Kate said Samuel was immediately rushed to Faith Foundation Hospital, Nsukka and was later referred to Bishop Shanahan Hospital, Nsukka, where he eventually died. Before his death the deceased student was said to have been lamenting over his inability to graduate from UNN because of his final year project which had been holding him back.

Unlike Akachi and Samuel whose suicide cases were attributed to mental health and inability to graduate, Christabel Omoremime Buoro, a 21 year old 300-level student of the department of Medical Laboratory Science, University of Benin (UNIBEN), reportedly killed herself over her being jilted by boyfriend. On June 18, 2019 her lifeless body was discovered in her hostel flat at Plot 4 Uwaifo lane, Newton Street, Ekosodin area, behind the university fence over her alleged breakup with her boyfriend.

Like Akachi Christabel was said to have mixed the deadly Sniper chemical with a bottle of Sprite drink. She left a suicide note where she reportedly stated that she was about taking her life because her boyfriend broke up with her. Elsewhere in Delta state, Uzakah Timi Ebiweni, a 300 level medical student of the Niger Delta University (NDU) ended his life.

Ebiweni took a fatal plunge into a river close to the university campus, Amassoma, located in the Southern Ijaw area council of the state after failing his examination. He was among about 50 students out of 169 who sat for the Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS) exam but failed. It was gathered that as a general practice every student passes the Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS) exams before progressing to the next level of academic pursuit. However, Ebiweni and 21 others were said to have failed beyond the level that they could be placed on academic probation for another academic year hence they had to be withdrawn.

Although he was said to have accepted the decision of the college in good faith after being counseled and informed about the fact that he would be withdrawn from college, the University was to later be confronted with the tragedy that the young man took his own life.

Earlier on April 27, 2019 a 100-level student of the University of Port Harcourt, Rivers State, Hikmat Gbadamosi, allegedly committed suicide. The Chemical Engineering Department student ended his life after she consumed two bottles of the deadly chemical, Sniper, on the fateful Saturday.

Hikmat who was the assistant course representative of students at her level had missed a test previously and some of her course mates who were apprehensive about her whereabouts went to look for her at her lodge in the Aluu area of Rivers State. Unfortunately, her lifeless remains were later discovered even as some of her friends citing a video clip of the deceased that had surfaced on the internet after her death claimed that she had suffered from depression.

The instances cited above were among 42 reported cases of suicide that occurred in different parts of the country between January and June this year. Checks on Sunday revealed that 11 out of the victims were students that were undergoing various studies in different higher institutions of learning in the country.

Apart from the students, 31 other Nigerians from different walks of life also committed suicides during the period in review. Among them was the case of double-tragedy that occurred in Ikare-Akoko in Akoko North-East Local Government Area of Ondo State where a middle-aged killed self after allegedly beating his mother to death.

The incident which occurred at Oyinmo Quarters area of the community in April where the two deceased hailed from followed a heated argument, which led to fisticuffs between the son identified as Gbenga and his mother known as Ajimo. Gbenga allegedly hit his mother which resulted in her death on the fateful Thursay. But after realizing that he had killed his 57-year-old mother, Gbenga was said to have fled Akure to their family house in Ikare-Akoko where he subsequently committed suicide.

In yet another case a gospel artiste with the Redeemed Christian Church of God, Michael Arowosaiye, was said to have hanged himself with his belt at Sunnyvale Estate, Lokogoma District Abuja. The deceased, who ministered during a recent youth praise event at the church, was allegedly depressed over the cancellation of his proposed wedding. Earlier on March 13 this year, a building collapse in Lagos Island had led to a mother committing suicide after she lost her two children in the incident.

The deceased, it was gathered, could not bear the pains of living without her two children, aged between four and six, who she had given birth to through caesarean operation. A review of the suicide cases showed that 15 suicide cases were recorded during the month of April, 10 were recorded earlier in May while 6 were witnessed earlier in January.

The months of February and March recorded 2 and 3 cases of suicide respectively during the same period. Our checks further showed that sixteen of the suicide cases occurred in five states of the South-West part of the country with Lagos topping the pack with 11 cases. Oyo State recorded 2 cases while Ekiti, Ogun and Ondo had one case each.

The South-South zone recorded 7 suicide cases within the period under review in 4 states namely: Edo (2), Delta (2), Bayelsa (2) and Rivers (1). Similarly, 6 suicide cases were recorded in the 3 South-East states of Anambra (6), Ebonyi (1) and Enugu (1).

The North-Central zone recorded 5 cases in 4 states involving 2 in Kogi with 1 each in Benue, Kwara and Nasarawa while the North West zone recorded 3 cases in two states; Kano (2) and Jigawa (1). Two cases were recorded 2 North-East states where Borno and Bauchi states recorded 1 suicide case each. No thanks to ‘Sniper’ While 16 of the victims died after consuming the deadly chemical commonly called snipper 15 others committed suicide by hanging. Four other victims died by setting themselves ablaze either with patrol or inside their vehicles. Two victims died by drinking acid, one by jumping atop a telecom mast while another victim jumped inside a river.

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Health – It’s quite noticeable that recently that the heat during the day and night in this current dispensation have been unbearably high.

This weather is characterized by reduced low immune system, rash, malaria (the weather also supports the breeding of mosquitoes spreading Plasmodium), uneasy breathing and other cardiovascular and nervous system irritation.

This is as a result of heat waves stemming from the emission of greenhouse gases so as such the Nigerian Meteorological Agency (NIMET) has warned Nigerians to prepare for more hot days and warm nights.

This preparation will require smart adaptation strategies and be engaging in climate resilient practices to cope with the damage that has been done.

The common effects of heat waves on humans are dehydration which can lead to fainting or death, chickenpox, heat rash and psychological stress. In order to cope with the current climate conditions, experts have advised that we should drink more water to keep hydrated, keep a water bottle with you to remind you to take water, avoid alcoholic and caffeinated drinks during this period, reduce intake of foods that are rich in protein because they increase metabolic heat.

Fresh foods, fruits and vegetables are better options. It’s also necessary to monitor one’s blood pressure as much as possible thereby staying stay indoors between 12noon and 3pm, if necessary one should take cold baths before going to bed at night, using a cap, umbrella or wearing a shade to avoid exposure of the eyes too much sunlight to avoid ache in the thalamus region of your brain, fruits such as oranges and watermelons are natural antioxidants they help keep most aero germs at bay.

It’s also advisable not to use toilets in the middle of the night because the heat during the day causes fermentation of organic waste at night. Above all, it’s necessary to always take a shower at least 2 times and at most 4 times in a day to wash of moist from the skin that can easily attract skin irritant bacteria.

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To maintain a healthy vagina you must know what to do to avoid infection and it is equally important to educate your sexual partner on some of them to also help you help the vagina. One of our recent post we’ve make recommendation of ways to take care of your Vagina every day to avoid smell, infection or abnormal discharge.

Here are some few things you can do or avoid.

1. Fingering 

During foreplay or romance, as part of it, some people insert their finger or fingers into the vagina. The question is, how many people wash their hands before sexual intercourse? Some people do not even keep their nails clean so it gathers a lot of germs and during the fingering, these germs are deposited in the vagina…leading to infection. The same thing applies to autopleasure acts or masturbation.

2. Anal sex

I am not here to tell anybody to have anal sex or not to but I simply want to draw the attention of those who engage in anal sex with the opposite sex that it is dangerous to have anal sex and continue having penovaginal sex. If this is done, the penis will pick bacteria from the anus and deliver them to the vagina even if you are using a condom….which will lead to infection.

3. Quest to make the vagina TIGHT

Some guys complain bitterly about the vagina of their sexual partners. They complain that it’s too big and they no more feel any sensation during intercourse. Some ladies are therefore pushed to find a quick solution and in the process, some use herbs or other substances in the vagina with the hope of making the vagina tight. Some of the substances cause infection or sepsis. Some of the herbs can cause the vagina to get tighter to the extent that penetration is no more possible. This will require treatment.

4. Douching 

Some parents, when bathing for their baby girls put warm water in a milk tin or dip a towel in the warm water and pour the water through a hole made beneath the tin or squeeze the water out of the towel into the vagina of the baby. This is so WRONG as it can damage the hymen.

Some parents also insert ginger or pepper or both into the vagina of adolescents as a form of punishment. This is so WRONG as it can lead to infection.
Some people are used to bathing by adding Dettol or other detergents to the water and they put this solution inside the vagina with the help of sponge or towel or just the hand with soap to clean the vagina. This is so WRONG as it will change the normal flora in the vagina, leading to infection.

5. Use of water closet

Some people have the habit of not sitting on the seat of the WC when using it so they end up urinating on the seat. The possibility of picking infection when using it in that condition is high. Don’t let your pant be at the high level when using the WC especially the public ones as the inner of the pant may rub the surface of the WC. Where the water is not running and people have used but have not flushed and you don’t have any choice but to also use it, use enough toilet roll to cover before using the WC to avoid any splashes on the vulva.

6. Washing and drying 

Develop the habit of disinfecting your panties frequently…depending on the number of pants you have. Keep exclusive panties to wear whenever you are menstruating and don’t mix those panties with your regular panties. Pay particular attention to those panties when washing. Ensure that the panties are made of cotton and are dried in the sun or well ironed to kill germs.

7. Change sanitary pads

Some people try to economize the use of their sanitary pads so during the period they tend to still wear the pad because there is little or no blood. This is so WRONG as it can lead to infection.

NB: If there is any bad scent from the vagina or there is a discharge coming from the vagina then it might be an infection which you have to have it treated.

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Technology has changed our lives in a drastic way. We know to carry our cellphones everywhere, even in the bathroom. The older generation was reading newspaper or magazines in the bathroom which now got replaced with the Cellphone. Have a chat or phone calls in the bathroom have become a common thing.

This dangerous habit makes you exposed to germs and bacteria like salmonella.

Are you a student? Sell your Unused Item on

A hygiene expert Dr. Lisa Ackerley explains that when you clean your buttock and afterwards pick up your Cellphone the bacteria stick to your phone which makes washing your hands a worthless process. Director of biomedical science Dr. Ron Cutler, from Queen Mary’s University in London, has suggested people not to carry their phones to the toilet.

The level of contamination totally depends on which toilet you are using. In the office bathroom or a restroom in a hotel, you get more exposure to different kind of viruses as many people have used the toilet before you.

Dr. Ackerley explains that viruses not only stick to your hands, but also to the things that you use. Like, you should not keep your toothbrush or towel close to your toilet roll holder or any shelf near the toilet. Because germs can stick on your towel or toothbrush and can get transferred to your body.


As your mobile phone heats up, it provides a warm environment for reproduction and survival of bacteria.
Now imagine, you used your phone in the toilet and now using it while having breakfast.


When you use your fingertips coated to some food items or a little bit of oil you are actually providing food to the bacteria which is growing on your phone screen. How bad is it to have a bunch of bacteria on your phone?

The habit of using the phone in the toilet is unhygienic and hazardous for your health. So, next time you go to the toilet, don’t take on your phone from your pocket or purse. Get rid of the habit of using the phone in a toilet for your better health.

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Lots of questions on masturbation has been asked most especially from ladies -yes, ladies masturbate a lot, especially virgins. Guys also masturbate. There is no debate on that. I’m not here to argue about who masturbates most, I need to deal with a serious issue.

A sexual urge for virgins is strong. What makes it stronger is the novelty, newness, the mystery and the hearsays about sex.

Masturbation is fondling your genitals consistently to achieve orgasm. Ladies may stroke their clitoris while guys rub, massage or caress their penis. I decided to give an explicit explanation because some ask me what masturbation is. Some ladies especially non-virgins use candles, banana, small bottles, sticks, dildos or whatever represents a penis and do solo sex (having sex by yourself).

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From teenage upward, you will have a strong desire for sex. It’s a sure sign you are normal and capable of having and enjoying sex in marriage. In your 20s it will be stronger and intense! You may wake up feeling horny for no single reason in the world or go hot on spotting a curvy lady! You may start noticing shapes and curves and you have to shake your head several times to keep the image off. You may get worked up on watching a romantic movie and discharge something. You check up and discover you are wet.

So what then do you do when you get hot and horny? Have sex? I know you know my answer and some singles will never be caught dead sleeping around, so what do they do? They masturbate! They give themselves to release and pleasure through solo sex while claiming virginity at the same time. Masturbation is completely wrong and not the way out. Let me explain:

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1. Masturbation is not done in isolation. It is done with the image of someone in mind. It can be a lover, an EX, a celebrity, a married person, a crush, someone you like but incapable of having. You imagine having sex with them while masturbating. That is MENTAL FORNICATION

2. For ladies, while inserting all manner of objects, you may mistakenly disvirgin/destroy your clitoris or hymen and also introduce infection into your genitals and womb. It will be very difficult to convince your future partner that you never had sex with man except objects during your solo sex.

3. You kill your ability to enjoy sex in future. Millions of women don’t enjoy sex in marriage which leads to sexual frustration, adultery, lesbianism and feminism. If you are used to getting an orgasm by yourself, you won’t be able to get it from your husband. If you are used to objects in your private part, you won’t have feelings for your husband’s penis. You will always think of something harder, bigger, longer, larger and completely unrealistic! Women who complain their husbands’ penis are too small didn’t marry as virgins. They must have been promiscuous as singles.

4. You will not have a good sex life as a man. You will experience premature ejaculation and your wife won’t enjoy you leading to acute sexual frustration in marriage. You need self-control to fully enjoy sex and give your wife maximum sexual pleasure. A woman enjoys sex when the man can go on for at least 7 minutes before ejaculating. Because you are used to instant release from masturbation, you may not be able to go more than a minute before exploding leaving your wife completely unsatisfied and frustrated. She may close up, become frigid and stop having sex altogether which may lead to you having an affair, she having an affair or both of you having an affair. Self-control before marriage helps you enjoy sex to the maximum. You are able to delay ejaculation, go on for a long time and have an excellent orgasm while giving your wife pleasure too. That is why total virginity pays!

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5. If you do not suffer premature ejaculation, you may have a serious problem with delayed/ retarded ejaculation. A situation where you get an erection for several hours without ejaculation or orgasm. What is the benefit of sex without orgasm? Rough masturbation with your hands kills your ability to feel/enjoy sex with your wife. It is hell for a woman to be under a man who thrusts in for hours unable to ejaculate. How will the woman get pregnant? It’s the reason some women are seemingly “barren” and can’t talk to anybody out of embarrassment. Thrusting hard for so long leaves the woman sore, frustrated and hating sex altogether. You have so much to lose sexually when you masturbate. Abstaining from this degrading act helps you feel relaxed, confident, have normal sexual intercourse and enjoy the pleasures that come with sex IN MARRIAGE!

6. You start having sex in the dream with a known or unknown person.

7. You feel drained, dirty, empty, useless and powerless after each act.

8. You start getting unsatisfied and wants the real thing. You fantasize more about sex and start longing for the real act.

9. You get a warped view of the opposite sex. You see them as sexual objects and start having sex with anything in skirt or trousers -you become promiscuous.

10. You get damaged, hurt and broken.

11. You are at risk of losing God’s friendship and being destroyed.

These and more are the consequences of masturbation. They damage you and shatter you to pieces! What then should you do with your sexual urge? How do you handle the constant hunger for sex?

1. Avoid all dirty pictures, pornography videos, pictures and hot, romantic movies -they are powerful sexual triggers!

2. Avoid friends who say dirty, lewd and obscene things. Stop all sexy banter with friends and say only things that are pure, holy, needful and helpful.

3. Get busy with your life, education and career, there is more to life than sex.

4.Study the Bible a lot especially Psalm 119. When you are filled with the word, you have no space for the devil and his demons in your heart.

5.Make friends with godly people.

6.Avoid pornography and romantic movies.
7.Get busy in kingdom service. Go out and preach the good news of Gods kingdom.

Masturbation is wrong, bad, demonic, destructive and sinful. Avoid it and end it with speed if you are deeply involved in it. God can help you. Pray to him always through his son Jesus Christ for help to overcome the spirit of masturbation.




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Health Talk: 10 Ways To Take Care Of Your v**ina Everyday To Avoid Smell, Infection or Abnormal Discharge

It is important to know the dos and don’ts when it comes to vaginal care in order to prevent infection, odour and irritation.
There are 10 points. When you get to the end of this page, click on “more” to read all.

1. Wash the v**ina at least twice daily. If you work out, sweat excessively, or are involved in some other sweat-inducing activity, then wash after each activity. Make sure you change your undergaments at least daily and wash them in hot water to kill any stubborn bacteria. This will help to get rid of sweat and bacteria may have been trapped, leaving you feeling and smelling better.

2. Do not douche; don’t use antiseptic soaps or body scrubs to wash your v**ina. These products make the v**ina unfavourable for good bacteria and impact on v**ina health causing candida super-infection (the one popularly called “toilet infection”).

3. Always eat plain, unflavoured yogurt regularly or take probiotics. These have live active bacteria that contribute to the healthy ecological balance of the v**ina.

4. Always keep your v**ina dry, except you are having s*xual intercourse. Keeping moisture and sweat down there is a recipe for bad odour and poor v**ina health.

5. Always change your tampons or pads regularly if you use them during your periods. The longer they stay, the faster the bacteria on them will breed, causing potential infections. You shall also avoid pads or tampons with deodorants, sprays or other chemicals.

6. Avoid having multiple s*xual partners. Studies show a correlation of multiple s*x partners with recurring infections of bacterial vaginosis.

7. Always wear cotton underwear or other fabrics that fit you well and allow space to “air out” your v**ina. Also avoid wearing tight-fitting pants as they rub against the v**ina causing irritation that can contribute to infections.

8. Always eat healthy diet that contains fruits and vegetables and avoid highly processed foods and sugar. Highly processed foods and sugars change the pH of your v**ina and affect its health. Sweet v**ina smell and taste can be produced by vegetables, fruits and spices like cinnamon, peppermint, and cardamom. On the other hand, foods such as coffee, onions, meat, dairy, garlic and strong spices have the potential of changing your vaginal odor to something very unpleasant. At least keep it tasty for guyz who suck the flower!

9. Avoid taking a long bath in a bathtub with still water. This is because the dirt, sweat, and bacteria that are not washed away would affect you. Bacteria from other parts of the body could easily find their way to the v**ina when this is done.

10. Always wipe from front to back after using a bathroom. This prevents the introduction of bacteria from the rectum into the v**ina.


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Health: Liberian undergoes Test for Ebola in Lagos

The Special Adviser to the Governor on Public Health, Dr. Yewande Adeshina, has said the suspected case of the deadly Ebola Virus Disease in a Liberian man is
being investigated.