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OAU hands over lecturer to police for sexually harassing student

Management of the Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile Ife, on Wednesday announced the suspension of one Monday Omo-Etan, a lecturer for assaulting a 19-year-old student.

The institution also said Omo-Etan had been handed over to the police for further investigation.

A statement by the OAU Public Relations Officer, Abiodun Olanrewaju, read, “Less than three weeks after the Management of Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile Ife, expressed its zero tolerance against sexual harassment by investigating and suspending a lecturer of the Department of International Relations, Mr Olabisi Olaleye, the university has suspended a worker of the OAU Centre for Distance Learning for sexually molesting a 19-year-old female student.

“The university has also handed over the tutor, Mr Monday Omo-Etan, to the police.

“The Management has reinstated her commitment to the total eradication of any form of sexual harassment, molestation or other social vices.”

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OAU University Panel Declares Sex for Grade Lecturer Guilty

Earlier this year, Obafemi Awolowo University made it to the media again on Sex for grade allegations against a lecturer of the Institution; Mr Olaleye Bisi, by a student of International Relations Department; Miss Afolayan.

Following the twitter hashtag #OAUTakeBisiOut, a University panel was set up, and it was headed by Prof. Yetunde Ajibade. Several meetings with all parties involved have been conducted separately, undergoing interrogations. All Media Houses and Citizens, who took to interest in the Case, waited patiently for the verdict of the University Panel.

In the early hours of the day, an informa
nt, notified the agency that the university panel set up by the Senate to investigate the sex for grade allegations against Mr. Olaleye Bisi, submitted its report this morning. The Chair of the Panel, in person of Prof. Yetunde Ajibade, Provost of the Post Graduate College, who led the 7 member Panel to the VC’s Office, briefed the VC on its findings.

Mr Olaleye Bisi was then found guilty as alleged and his dismissal recommended among many other sanctions. The report is to be processed to A & PC and other relevant organisations of the university within weeks. The Independent Corrupt Practices Commission (ICPC) already made contact with the University briefing on the matter.

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OAU randy lecturer, Olaleye, divorced wife because ‘man cannot survive on only one food’

A LECTURER at the Obafemi Awolowo University’s International Relations Department, Olabisi Olaleye, who has been fingered in a case of sexual harassment divorced his wife years ago because “man cannot survive on only one type of food”, a source close to the former couple has disclosed to our Correspondence.

The source, who asked to be kept anonymous in order not to strain family relationships, said Olaleye met his wife, Adebisi Joko, sometime in 2005 when they were both undergraduates at Obafemi Awolowo University. She, a practising nurse, studied Nursing and Midwifery while he was a student of International Relations.

Motunrayo Afolayan, a fourth-year student IRS department, recently filed a complaint against him, alleging that he failed her in IRS 305 (Diplomacy) for refusing his sexual advances.

PREMIUM TIMES  reported that when she registered for the course the following session, the lecturer warned that “she would fail again and again if she refuses to sleep with him”.

According to the source, Olaleye hails from Ekiti State and his former wife is from Ijebu-Ode, Ogun state. They had two children while married. When he was appointed as a lecturer shortly after his graduation in 2007/8, “he started womanising and drinking first-class”.

“He stopped coming to Ijebu. Later, he called his wife and said he wanted a divorce,” the source narrated.

“They asked why and he said he prefers a life where he can sleep around with women to staying with one woman. What he had was more psychological, but the problem with OAU is I don’t think they profile most of their lecturers before appointing them.

“He told his wife and people who bothered asking in confidence. He said in Yoruba that one cannot be eating amala every single day, you have to add other meals, and a man cannot do without being promiscuous.”

At various times, Joko discussed her problems with senior lecturers and professors at the university, but the attitude she met shocked her: Many said as a lecturer it is normal to be lustful.

“They said, besides, they’ve done all those things too and that he will eventually get back his senses. So that place was like a cesspit of sexual harassment.

“It got to a stage that his wife had to fight a student on campus and they were like what is happening? Is it that bad? Is he not just befriending her? She got there one evening and saw the student. She had to report to the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (DVC) then, and the wife of the DVC told her what I don’t believe any sane person would say.

“She was like, ‘Our own daddy too, that is how he did then before he grew old. Old age will collect the habit from him. You cannot tell a lecturer not to have affairs with students at OAU. It has become endemic at the university and that is why it is very hard for them to mete out sanctions. Everybody has a dossier of everybody’s secrets.”

His wife said after a couple of visits to the school, a female professor, who was married to another lecturer, called her and said, “See, Mummy Femi, all this you’re saying, you see when you finish, they all used to make a mockery of you. That’s how they behave.”

Olaleye reportedly told his former wife he needed to divorce because he did not want to cause her pain as he could not stop having extramarital affairs. Our source said the lecturer disclosed in past conversations that he is not the only university employee who prefers to be unmarried in order not to feel guilty about their sexual profligacy.

When reached out to Joko, she declined to give comments and said she has decided against speaking to journalists about the matter.

“I prefer my girls slim”

Since PREMIUM TIMES published its report on Wednesday, fresh pieces of evidence have been leaked and circulated on the Internet, especially containing conversations said to be between Olaleye and a number of female students.

“When are we screwing?” he asked point-blank in one of the chats.

In a conversation with a different student, also undisclosed, he wrote: “Do you know I wanted you to allow me view some other good images of yours. I like your stature … so good.” And in yet another chat, “Mr Bisi” said he gets horny each time he comes in contact with the female student. “I want to fuck you,” he said. “Missing your sexy pussy o.” After hours of silence from the student, he added: “You go kill person o. Baby. I miss you.” On a different date, he asked the girl, whom he referred to as Veevee, to send pictures of her breasts and genitals though she said she was menstruating.

Also, in a leaked audiotape, reportedly of a conversation between the lecturer and Afolayan, Olaleye repeatedly propositioned the student and urged her to hug him though she was audibly uncomfortable. Another man, identified in the tape as Sikiru, was in the office with the duo. Referring to the lecturer as “Uncle B”, Sikiru said he has the power to change her B to A and her C to B if she complies.

“So nothing good will emerge from your Nazareth?” the lecturer asked her. He then turned his attention to Sikiru and enquired about a different female student.

“Is she slim or big?” he asked.

“Ah no,” he continued after Sikiru said she was not slim. “This girl is big o, and one person is enjoying this? Look at her neck. Ah ah! Ah, it seems you also like fat girls? Not me. I prefer them slim. Ehn ehn! The girl who is seated there looks like my mom… But she cannot be a virgin.”

“Hug me. If you don’t hug me, I won’t leave you. At least, hug me a little,” he urged Afolayan. “Don’t annoy me. Come here. Don’t you want to hug me? Hug me. But once you do so, you will treat me very well. If you know you won’t do that, don’t bother hugging me. Be fast; hug me from the back and kiss me.”

Olaleye’s phone(s) was switched off when dialled two of his numbers on Monday, and texts sent to him have yet to be replied.

OAU’s possible violation of harassment policy

Obafemi Awolowo University through its Anti-Sexual Harassment Policy published in 2013 has committed to maintaining decent relationships between staff, students, and members of the university community. The policy recommends sanctions for misconducts ranging from suspension, demotion, loss of remuneration, loss of promotion, dismissal, and, for students, expulsion, warning, and eviction from the halls of residence.

It also states that sanctions shall be implemented within the shortest time possible, “preferably four to 10 weeks of the report”. But it is possible the case against Olaleye has already stretched beyond this recommended timeframe.

PREMIUM TIMES reported that Olaleye appeared before the probe panel in November and Afolayan, the complainant, told our correspondence she lodged the petition a month earlier—making it already over 12 weeks with the management still yet to reach a final resolution.

Abiodun Olanrewaju, the university spokesperson, however, said the clock starts ticking when a panel is set up not when a complaint is lodged.

“We are the ones that know when we set up the panel without external prompting,” he said.

“So allow us to do what we want to do. All the parties, in this case, will get justice. We wouldn’t want to stampede into doing anything, neither do we have the intention of coercing anybody into doing anything negative either. We want to give everybody a long rope to pull so by the time the recommendation of the panel comes out, everybody will know that we have done justice to all parties.”

He declined to say exactly when the panel was established and said that piece of information is for “internal consumption”.

Last week, the university said though Olaleye has not been indicted yet, it has decided to suspend him and halve his salary “based on preliminary evidence”.

Meanwhile, a student leader at the International Relations department who does not want his identity disclosed, said many students are sceptical and suspect the university management might sweep the case under the carpet.

“My evaluation so far is that students are not ready to back down on this until there is a verdict,” he said. “And with the way things are, based on the popular agitation, what they want is total dismissal.”

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Man in court for killing bat on OAU Campus

A 40-year-old man, Femi Afolabi, on Tuesday appeared before an Osun State Magistrates’ Court sitting in Ile-Ife for allegedly killing a bat on the campus of the Obafemi Awolowo University.

Afolabi appeared before Magistrate Muhibah Olatunji on a count of a breach of the public peace.

The police prosecutor, Adewale Adesina, said the defendant committed the offence on Monday, January 13, 2020, around 9 am on the OAU campus.

He said Afolabi put up conduct likely to cause a breach of the public peace when he entered the campus without permission and killed a bat with a catapult.

According to him, the offence contravenes Section 249 (d) of the Criminal Code, Laws of Osun State, 2002.

The defendant, however, pleaded not guilty to the charge.

His counsel, Samuel Obi, applied for bail on behalf of his client.

Ruling on the application, the magistrate admitted the defendant to bail in the sum of N100,000 with one surety in like sum.

She adjourned the case till February 11, 2020, for hearing.

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OAU records another lecturer threatening to fail her over sex

A fresh sex-for-marks scandal is currently rocking the Obafemi Awolowo University (OAU), Ile-Ife, as a 400-level student of the Department of International Relations, Faculty of Administration, has accused a lecturer, Olabisi Olaleye, of sexually harassing her.

Motunrayo Afolayan, who has since lodged a complaint at the university’s Centre for Gender and Social Policy Studies, alleged that Mr Olaleye failed her in ‘Diplomacy,’ course code IRS 305.

The lecturer teaches the course alongside a female colleague, Omolara Akinyemi.

The allegation comes nearly two years after a widely publicised scandal involving another lecturer in the faculty, Richard Akindele, and a student.

Mr Akindele, a professor of Accounting, was dismissed from the university after he was indicted for demanding sex from a female student to help improve her grades.

A federal court later sentenced the disgraced professor to 24 months in prison.

‘Sex for marks’

Reliable sources within the university told PREMIUM TIMES that Ms Afolayan first took IRS 305 during the 2017/2018 academic calendar while in 300 Level but was allegedly failed because he refused to sleep with the lecturer.

During the next academic year, the 2018/2019 academic session, the student registered again for the course but received repeated threats from the lecturer that “she would fail again and again if she refuses to sleep with him.”

A senior official in the faculty, who does not want to be named, said the student sought the intervention of another lecturer in the department, Sunday Omotuyi, on the matter. Ms Afolayan, it was gathered, had feared she could fail again since she was still being pestered by the lecturer.

“But Omotuyi declined to intervene. He said he had approached the same lecturer in 2014 on behalf of another student but Olaleye flared up and insulted him. He even walked him out of his office. He said Omotuyi was too “junior” to talk to him on such matter. He even asked the student to go as far as the office of the vice-chancellor to report him,” the official said.

The official further stated that when other lecturers got wind of the development, they asked for proof of the allegation against the lecturer, and Ms Afolayan played a recorded voice of Mr Olaleye saying – in Yoruba – that, “I promise you would fail this course three times except you sleep with me.”

The recording, PREMIUM TIMES learnt, was done based on the advice of Ms Afolayan’s friends, who also claimed the lecturer had “tormented” them in a similar manner in the past.

Ms. Motunrayo Afolayan

A university source said, “So, she was in Olaleye’s office and just as predicted, Olaleye held her by the hand and began to fondle her. While he was carried away, the lady turned on the voice recording application on her phone and taped all his vulgar words including the threat.”

Ms Afolayan has refused to share the audio record with anyone, saying she was afraid of being subjected to public ridicule.

With officials within her faculty unable to help, she sought outside help, from the Faulty of Law where a female lecturer advised her to report the matter to the university authorities.

As soon as Mr Olaleye learnt that the matter was being escalated, he reportedly released Ms. Afolayan’s result which had been withheld alongside a few others. The released result showed that the student passed.

A university panel

In response to the student’s complaint, the university authorities set up a probe panel headed by Yetunde Ajibade, the provost of the university’s postgraduate college. Ms Ajibade, a professor, is the first female provost of the college.

The panel has since met with all the concerned parties including Ms Afolayan; Mr Olaleye; Mr Omotuyi, whom the matter was first reported to; Kehinde Olayode, Head of Department, International Relations, among others.

While Mr Olaleye appeared before the panel in November last year, Mr Omotuyi met the panel on January 9.

PREMIUM TIMES learnt that Ms Afolayan had appeared before the panel accompanied by other female students in the department who also served as witnesses.

Both the lecturer and the student have confirmed the development to PREMIUM TIMES. But while Mr Olaleye chose to speak about the incident, Ms Afolayan said she had been advised to keep sealed lips until the university makes its verdict public.

Mr. Olabisi Olaleye

Mr Olaleye said he had earlier submitted a written response to a query from the management, where he denied harassing Ms Afolayan.

He said the student had approached him to alter the examination timetable when the rerun course had clashed with another course she takes at 400 level.

“I didn’t know her until the timetable issue came up,” the lecturer said.

“She approached me with two other ladies but I told them I could not help. I only advised them to go and write their 400 level course first, and return to join us in the hall for my course.”

Mr Olaleye said the delay in the release of Ms Afolayan’s result was due to his co-lecturer, who teaches the course with him, being busy with “accreditation issues.”

Asked when he joined the university, Mr Olaleye said he could not recollect. He also couldn’t answer why doesn’t have a doctorate degree after almost 13 years he had reportedly enrolled for it.

‘Access to justice’

Across some closed WhatsApp groups belonging to some sets of graduates of the department, female alumni members narrated similar experiences with the embattled lecturer when he taught them.

According to one of them who currently lives in the United Kingdom, Mr Olaleye “should not escape the wrath of the law this time.”

“That man is savage, I must say. He is drunk and very reckless,” one of the WhatsApp messages read.

Others accused some lecturers, especially those they said are close to the lecturer in the faculty, of trying to mount pressure on the panel and secure a soft landing for their colleague.

The university’s public relations officer, Abiodun Olarewaju, said that justice would be done in the matter. He said the precedent created with a similar case in the past should assure the public of the university administration’s commitment to ensuring fairness and justice.

“There is no basis for anybody to nurse any fear about the possible outcome of the probe,” he said.

“We have since gone past that stage at OAU. Nobody told us before a panel was set up, and the gender centre that was created was aimed at creating unfettered access to justice.”

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OAU Loses Three Lecturers In 10 Days

OAU Loses Three Lecturers – Tragedy struck again in Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile Ife, Osun State as yet another lecturer, Dr. Victoria Adeniyi, passed on.

Up until her death, Late Dr. Victoria Adeniyi was the acting Head, Department of Dramatic Arts of the university. Her death was the third of such that would occur in the university under ten days.

The first death incident was that of Dr. Nicholas Igbokwe, who was found dead in his office. Again, on Friday, December 13, Prof. Jerome Elusiyan was shot dead by gunmen in Edo state.

The University management through the Public Relations Officer, Mr. Abiodun Olanrewaju has issued a statement to the press and public to announce the unfortunate death of Dr. Victoria Adeniyi. The statement reads:

“Less than 48 hours after we lost a Professor of Paediatrics, Jerome Elusiyan, to the cold hands of death through the instrumentality of gunmen, it is too painful for us as a university to tearfully break the unpalatable news of the demise of another promising academic and a prominent member of OAU community, Dr. Victoria Oluwaremilekun Adeniyi, who, until her death, early this morning (Sunday) was the Acting Head, Department of Dramatic Arts of Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile – Ife.

“The deceased lecturer, who directed this year’s convocation play, which was staged four days ago, was also yesterday, a part of the academic procession of the grand finale of the University’s 44th Convocation.

“The Vice-Chancellor, Professor Eyitope Ogunbodede, who was visibly unhappy, had visited the University’s Teaching Hospital and directed that necessary papers be filled for the conduct of a post mortem.”

The Chairman of the Academic Staff Union of Universities, (ASUU) OAU chapter, Dr. Adeola Egbedokun also had this to say about the sad development.

He said, “It is sad news to us. The community is in grief. It is a grievous situation. I am short of words.”

May the soul of the departed rest in perfect peace!

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OAU Best graduating student gets ₦100,000 award prize, Nigerians react

Nigerians on social media have criticized the ₦100,000 prize awarded Lawal Oluwafemi, the Best Graduating Student of the Obafemi Awolowo University for the 2017/2018 session.

Lawal was presented with his prize at the convocation of the university. He shared the news on Twitter on Saturday and users of the platform have been congratulating him.

Besides congratulating Lawal, Twitter users have also pointed out that the prize money was too small.

Critics of the prize money weighed Lawal’s prize against the N30 million that the winner of the last Big Brother Naija reality TV show went home with.

Lawal, who graduated with B.Sc Accounting from OAU, had tweeted, “Two days ago, I graduated from the Obafemi Awolowo University as the Best Graduating Student for the 2017/2018 session with a historic 4.98 CGPA out of a possible 5.0.”

He added that, for four consecutive times, he was also the overall best candidate in the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nigeria’s professional exams.

In all, he had won 14 awards in ICAN, with another 22 academic awards, all within the space of four years.

“[It] can only be God!,” he concluded.

Read reactions to this tweet below:

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OAU to become hub of aeronautic engineering-VC

The Vice-Chancellor of Obafemi Awolowo University (OAU), Ile-Ife, Prof. Eyitope Ogunbodede, says the institution would soon become the hub of aeronautic and aerospace engineering studies in Nigeria.

Ogunbodede said this in his address at the university’s 44th Convocation held on Thursday in Ile-Ife.

He said that a departmental building was already under construction, adding that none of the federal Universities across the country currently offers a programme in the field.

According to him, OAU is taking up this challenge in order to open up an entirely new paradigm of innovation in learning and practice of aeronautics in Nigeria.

The vice-chancellor also said that the university was collaborating with interested government agencies and corporate organisations to construct an airstrip.

He said that the air strip would not only serve as a training ground for the planned aeronautic engineering programme of the university, but would also assist in ameliorating the burden of air travel in Osun.

Ogunbodede stated that OAU was also partnering with Troyka Nigeria Limited to start a unique programme in Media and Communication studies with the construction of a Media School as well as television station.

The vice-chancellor further said that OAU would soon generate its own electricity to last 24 hours a day, attributing this to the education programme of the Federal Government which was providing 8.03 Mega Watts Gas-powered turbine stand-alone electricity generating system.

“Moving off the national grid would enable the university to save between N35 million and N65 million, ” he added.

Ogunbodede also said that the National Universities Commission (NUC) had conducted a general accreditation across all universities, .

He expressed confidence that the university would record 100 percent success when the outcome of the exercise was made public.

The courses involved, he said, were Law; Dentistry, Botany, Applied Arts and Home Economics.

Ogunbodede stated further that OAU was reviewing the curricular of all academic programmes which would train their graduands to be job creators and not job-seekers.

“All graduates of OAU will be equipped with entrepreneurial knowledge in addition to vocational training that will allow them acquire at least one skill that would ensure survival in the era of massive unemployment.

“Such skills would include: Metal works, Wood works, Leather works, Aluminium fabrication, Paint-making, Fashion Designing, Photography, Film Production and Editing, Agribusiness, Block-making Kerbs and interlocking, Hair-Dressing, Barbing and Cosmetology and ICT,” he said

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OAU Students Dance To Naira Marley ’s Soapy In Front of Their Lecturer

Naira Marley, despite his flaws, is still widely loved and admired by many Nigerians. And it is not unusual to see his fans, popularly tagged MARLIANS, vibing and dancing when his song comes on, regardless of the scenario.

This was the case during a lecture at Obafemi Awolowo University, where students were spotted vibing to Naira Marley’s ‘soapy’ song, in the presence of their lecturer.

In the video, which was shared by Naira Marley on Instagram, the lecturer was obviously quite shocked at the attitude of the students. It was said that one of the students connected his phone to the public address system (PAS) that was to be used by the lecturer for the lecture via Bluetooth.

And before anyone could notice, the student played soapy from his phone which threw the whole lecture room agog. The students kept yelling the lyrics of the song at the top of their voices, while dancing to it at the same time, to the amazement of their lecturer.

Watch the video below;

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OAU Clarifies Rumour Regarding Reaccreditaton Of Disaccredited Departments

The public relations officer of Obafemi Awolowo University, Mr. Abiodun Olanrewaju, has made clarifications as regards the accreditation of departments ongoing at the University.

Rumours have been going round the institution that the Faculty of Law, a department that lost accreditation during the last accreditation programme, has been reaccredited but information gotten from the PRO proves otherwise and clarified the process of the accreditation.

It should be recalled that five departments of the institution lost accreditation during the last accreditation programme. Law, Dentistry, Fine and Applied Arts, Botany and Family Nutrition are the departments hopeful of getting back their accreditation.

In a conversation with OAU Kilonshele, the PRO stated that the school will not be the one to officially announce the accreditation decisions.

“It’s not here that they will accredit, it is when the accreditation team gets back to Abuja. It’s the National University Commission (NUC) that will announce, not the school. They will write their report and submit to the NUC, the NUC will pronounce,” he said.

He also cited other universities that they have been to as examples. “All the universities that they have been to, you can’t see in the paper that they have accredited or not. OAU should not be an exception.”

He also praised the accreditation team and urged the university members to exercise caution.