A handful of the University of Calabar Students Union Government (UNICAL-SUG) senators numbering about 41 have commenced consultations to impeach the executive president, Daniel Joseph and all principal officers of the Senate as well as suspend the Senate Committee on Finance and Appropriation Chairman for alleged padding of the 2016/2017 SUG annual budget.


One of the senators (name: withheld) who explained the development to some campus journalists said:

“On the 2nd of July, 2016, the SUG President, Daniel Joseph presented to us the budget for his administration which totalled seventy three million, thirty six thousand, two hundred and fifty naira and zero kobo (N73,036,250.00).
“We all deliberated on the budget and made several amendments and later came up with a ratified budget totalled at forty five million, four hundred and ninety six thousand, seven hundred and eighty three naira and fifty kobo (N45,496,783.50) which we handed to him on the 24th of July, 2016 to assent and submit to the school welfare board for appropriation.
“Instead of Daniel Joseph to submit the 45 million naira Senate ratified budget, he rather detained it, came up with a strange and illegal budget of sixty seven million, five hundred and fifty two thousand, nine hundred and eighty three naira, seventy nine kobo (N67,552,983.79), got the Senate Principal Officers and the Senate Committee on Finance and Appropriation sign on it and then submitted it to the school management on the 25th of July, 2016,” the senator explained after handing the copies of the three(3) budgets to journalists.
It should be recalled that the SUG President, Daniel Joseph is still serving a bottomless suspension from the school management for mobilising academic students and non-academic students to a kangaroo protest against the school Vice-Chancellor, Prof. Zana I. over the latter’s misunderstanding with the school Bursar, Mr. Peter Agi who is also serving suspension by the school management.
According to the anonymous Senator, the senators are expecting a session tomorrow being Friday, August 26th, 2016 to carry out the impeachment proceedings.
As a backup development, the 3 copies of the 73 million naira proposed budget, the 45 million naira senate ratified budget and Daniel’s doctored 67 million naira budget are available for proof anywhere and anytime.
Photos Caption:


Daniel Joseph’s proposed 73 million budget

Senate ratified 45 million Naira budget
Daniel Joseph’s padded 67 million budget
Signatories of the padded budget.



Report by:  Onun Endurance

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