In a publication released on Monday 16th of December 2019, by the National Association of Nigerian Students Ghana Chapter (NANSGH) Public Relations Officer Com.Teedum Nke-ee said, BLUECREST COLLEGE signs a Memorandum Of Understanding (M.O.U) with the National Association of Nigerian Students Ghana ( NANS-GH) formally.

The school delegation includes: Stercy Bailey (Head of Marketing), Sujith Jayaprakash (Director, Outreach and Collaborations), Etini Fidelis (Counselor, School of Business and Communication) Zebidah Patterson ( Asst. Manager, Outreach and Collaboration), Richard Nartey (Head of Admission) and the Rector of the school (Dr. Anand Agrawal) joined by the President of NANS-GH Comrade Adebayo alongside Comrade Sadiq Abubakar Jidda, the NANS -Ghana director of Mobilization and Strategic engagements for the signing ceremony.

The President of NANS-Ghana chapter Comrade Adebayo Ogunkoya has described this major development as a compact for effective working relationship with Bluecrest College.
The President further emphasized that this partnership is for the welfare of our Great Association – {the Nigerian Students } for the obligatory herald of such goodwill of their education brand whenever and wherever the Nigerian Students banner is raised.

This partnership we believe will thrive under the following benchmarks:
Nigerian students welfare support system;
Nigerian students database and restoration of local Nigerian students association on their campus;
Unrestricted access to facilities and collaborations on progressive projects like scholarship schemes and others.

This M.O.U will be beneficial to our Nigerian students not only at Bluecrest but to us as a union amongst other things; There will be an unlimited access to exchange of information, data base contact with Bluecrest College ; Measures to ensure the welfare of Nigerian students across board; Unrestricted access to usage of facilities of Bluecrest College by NANS-GH when necessary; Provision of financial support and scholarship based on merit for Nigerian students in Ghana.

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