Living in school hostel just got better for undergraduates at the University of Calaba, UNICAL as the Students Union Government of the institution provides an ultra-modern laundry bay for the students.

The laundry bay according to the SUG president, Enyam Kelvin, became necessary as some hostel halls have nowhere for students to wash their clothes.

While speaking at the commissioning of the laundry bay, Kelvin said the bay could take up to 500 students washing at the same time.

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SUG provides laundry bay for UNICAL students. (D2D)

“We had to develop a means where students can wash comfortably and make it up to standard considering the equipment and facility. The project cost almost N4 million, the funding came through a partnership with the University management because of the Vice-Chancellor is students oriented and he assured that the project must be completed and we want to thank God for it.

“The bay can simultaneously carry up to 500 students washing at the same time. We have a maintenance structure in place because if we don’t manage it, it will become a problem. We have put up modalities to ensure the facility is maintained to serve all Nigerian students. This is the first capital project in the republic. We would also orient the students on the need to maintain the facility so other students can also enjoy the facility after them.

Kelvin also praised the Vice Chancellor of the university, Prof Zana Akpagu for making the project possible.

“The Vice-Chancellor has been very encouraging. He made this a reality. He is a student-oriented VC. He has always promoted the students’ agenda and we are grateful to him”.

The University of Calabar is a second generation tertiary institution established by the Federal Government in 1975.

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