Awonbiowo Abiola, 23 years old and best graduating student of Ladoke Akintola University of Technology in this interview with TUNDE AJAJA shares her educational experience.Why did you choose to study medicine?

It started as a childhood ambition during my stay in the hospital when I was sick as a child. I just wanted to become that person who takes care of people when they are sick. Though my parents wanted me to study chemical engineering, they supported my dream and were happy about my obsession with medicine. It was my father’s wish before he died, so my mother took it up and supported me with everything I needed. I think I would have enjoyed studying chemical engineering, but I have no regret, it couldn’t be better.

Is it true that only students with
records of brilliant performance can
study medicine?

You don’t have to be an extraordinary student to study medicine, though medicine used to have the league of champions from various secondary schools. Personally, I didn’t do badly in my pre-university education; I left primary school at age eight, secondary school at age 14 and as the best in my class. Even though human beings have different intellectual abilities, I believe every success comes with hard work.

Some people run away from medicine
because they feel it is difficult, what
attracted you to it?

I got attracted to medicine because of that impression that it is difficult. I have always been a person who loves challenges. I tend to love what people feel is difficult. Even in secondary school, mathematics and chemistry which most people feel are difficult were my favourites, and I had a scholarship in mathematics. I’ll say medical training is not difficult; it only requires more dedication than other departments.

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