Do you know Sweet Bites? Chewing gum is believed to have higher tendency of causing tooth decay, especially in children. Millions of lives can be claimed by the terrifying effect. With this kind of obvious trouble chewing can cause, Sweet Bites, the 2014 Hult prize winner made use of 100% xylitol sweetened gum to prevent such decay instead of prevent the gum from been chewed.

The Aspire group mounted the winning stage in 2013 as it went on to provide the world with a sustainable protein source using pioneering technology including robotics and automated data collection to farm insects that have similar protein qualities to meat and an environmental footprint closer to plants according to With the technology know-how of optimization of farm yield, rural farmers in developing countries are empowered to raise insects with a viable revenue stream creation.

Becoming a social entrepreneur demands that you have a vast understanding of your community need and how long it wants to survive on it.

The slight difference between an entrepreneur and a businessman is that while a businessman may engage in production and sell out of his produce to his own income, an entrepreneur ventures into a business which he knows, through a proper survey that it will aid the standard of living of his community stretching into nation.

Many are afraid when they hear such word, thinking they will have to read many books to understand the nitty-gritty of entrepreneurship, meanwhile, a little thought discussed with others or experts makes a big deal and start of adventure. The only bold step is upgrading from a day-to-day business to creating social value through your business.

In order to become a social entrepreneur, you must first embrace being a problem finder. When you identify a social problem, then a solution can be proffered. Forming good heads aids agreement on strategic partnership and such business must not be a force work but what you have singly discovered and worked about – definitely, if it wasn’t force, then it will be fun. Social entrepreneurs have to stay committed in their dealings. At times, it becomes very tough that stopping remains the only choice, but this is one of the attributes to overcome to make you a real social entrepreneur.

John Paul DeJoria is one of the whacky entrepreneurs that can inspire your business. Paul creation of hair products and Patron tequila are from common origin, but nearly nobody knows about it.

He is a Cofounder of both companies as he becomes a billionaire at present. Not that he founded these gifts on a platter of gold, but through all rough times, he decided never to give up on his entrepreneurial spirit.

When he was 22, he was homeless with his 2-year old son to cater for and both of them roamed the street holding hands and dangling with happiness in the pool of penury. This did not quell his focus.

He later cofounded Paul Mitchell Systems with $700 in startup cash. Today, he attends to people with homelessness and supports a good number of social causes.

Olive Palmer is another Whacky entrepreneur who wanted to clone a Dinosaur? Crazy, right? He met Scientists and discussed his project with them and in 2012, the Australian businessman didn’t lose hope because the cloning technique hasn’t been advanced to such level – his dream was almost becoming fruition. But because of his love for doing what he had envisioned, dinosaur’s love still abides. So, he opened theme park called Palmersaurus in 2013 which has more than 160 gargantuan dinosaur replicas.

What Jan Roos does is being a founder of Expert Engines; a lead generation company tells his story of when he balanced while his passion was entering the thin air right before him. He said, “When you start out in a new business, you have all the optimism about how well things are going to work, but as I started to hear more and more objections, I started losing motivation and thinking that what I was doing wasn’t unique or valuable. Regardless of the industry, you’re going to hit a slump like this. Getting through it is a matter of doing the right stuff, day in and day out, without losing your optimism. This is a grind, but if you persist you can get through”.

To climb the hill is not as easy as one goes. Several thoughts mount the mind, either to stop, return or continue. Being a social entrepreneur has its own demand from thinking, finding people of like minds and endless pitching of ideas. This is about creating solution to social problems and helping social causes with sustainable development goals. Anyone who can pass these boundaries that look knotty can create solution to and use every little or useless things to make life out of nothing. This is why Bill Clinton calls on the young generation, to discuss their ideas at the Hultprize competition, the biggest student competition in the world, and the winning idea get a start-up fund of $1M.

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