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Do you want to be on The OWL Campus? Here are some stories we’re working on that we’d love your input on! Just send your write up to

  • Submit an Op-Ed! Are you passionate about something? Do you want your voice to be heard? Pitch us your idea for an op-ed below. We’ll let you know if we’re interested in having you write it up for the site!
  • Inspiring Campus Youth Do you know any Campus Youth with an amazing career or achievement? Tell us how you know him/her and what makes her inspirational!
  • OWL Story Do you have a personal story that you think would make an interesting read for young people everywhere? In the past we’ve featured Student who took their landlords to court, paid their own way through campus, and were single for the first time since middle school. We’d love to hear your story.
  • Love Life Questions Submit a love life question you’re struggling with to be answered by Soul’, our Real Live College Guy!
  • Campus Fashion Trend Have some incredible fashion secret you’ve been dying to share? Spill those secrets!
  • Love How do you avoid awkwardness after a hook-up? Let us know!
  • Career How do you befriend someone in your office? Who should you definitely befriend?
  • High School Owlets, what were the biggest misconceptions you had about University/coll? What’s the reality?