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AUN: Christine Ishanpepe to Moderate #TwitterTakeover session

A female student of America University of Nigeria, Christine Ishanpepe is set to moderating the University officially twitter handle TOMORROW at 10 am to host another edition of #TwitterTakeover session.

The Twitter Take Over session tomorrow will be having her discussing why self-discovery is an important tools every students must have.

Christine is a photographer also pursuing a law degree at America University of Nigeria.

Today, there are indeed handful of women, essentially the ones in their youthful age number who are breaking boundaries and redefining what it means to be female entrepreneurs.

One interesting thing to note in the rise of these female entrepreneurs is the fact that now, more than at anytime in the past, there are more women operating what was hitherto assumed to be male -only professions.

Christine Ishanpepe is indeed a young and hardworking entrepreneur, small in size but colossal in her level of thinking, creativity and ingenuity which as proved against all odds chose to purse what she believes in and passionate about.

During her spare time, she is involved in personal community development projects. While many celebrated last Christmas with family, Christine and friends remembered soldiers at the checkpoints in Jos, they went bearing gifts.
You do not want to miss this particular.

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