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ASUP president wants undergraduates to have dress codes

ASUP president – The National President, Academic Staff Union of Polytechnics (ASUP) Usman Dutse, has called for the re-introduction of dress code in tertiary institutions to check immoral and unethical dressing among female students.

Dutse made the call during an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria on Tuesday, July 24, 2018, in Lagos.

The ASUP president reportedly said that some students deliberately dress awkwardly to classes and thereby provoke their male colleagues and lecturers.

“When the issue of the dress code was introduced some years ago, it was received with mixed feelings; but actually, this is one of the reasons why dress code should be adopted.

“Dress code will check the excesses of female students in all institutions and will compel them to dress properly at all times to avoid sexual harassment and rape.

“Any form of indecent dressing is a means of instigation; not only to lure their male colleagues, but anybody around and that is why we have many instances of rape and abuses.

“Parents should also advise their children to dress decently and neatly to avoid all this kind of abuses,’’ Dutse said.

Explaining why female students get sexually harassed, Dutse said students are lazy and they get harassed when they are looking for shortcuts to get grades.

“Students nowadays are lazy, they are looking for shortcuts to get grades and that is why these things are occurring.

But, if they can face their books and study hard, I doubt if these things will continue,”

Sexual harassment between lecturers and students have recently been one of the most discussed topics as sexual scandal keeping happening in Nigerian tertiary institutions.

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