One day, I sat at the edge of my Bed. And i begin to wonder what we will pass onto the next generation. I look around my lodge all i see is student doing ‘yahoo yahoo’, online betting every weekend, all i see is female student taking cab at southgate to town at 9:30pm with their provocative dress *you ask me where they are going?*-*only God knows*.However,i had a short conversation with one of my friend and i was shock at the end, it goes thus;
friend: Godskid, i need a girlfriend.

Me: why Girlfriend now.
Friend: because people are having and am already in the university.
Me: it doesnt matter and it depend on your maturity of your mind and what you are looking for.
Friend: *gbam* and that is where am going, looking for sex.
Me: but it is wrong, it is not meant for you.
friend: mtschew! *oh boy* thats what everybody is doing! after that last statement, i ask my self how could IMMORALITY BE SEEN AS NORM to the extent that if you differ they say you are moron. Someone once said ‘the world is going crazy to the extent that a non-crazy man will be view as crazy because he is not crazy’.
Many people think making money in dubious way,pre-marital sex and other immoralities are normal and that is the most pathetic. *shm* in despair.

Just imagine things going like this and the next generation inherit this from us, it looks scary because the will be worse and we gonna pay for it.
I will implore you to direct a friend to read this, it might change he/she’s mentality. Tell a person today about immorality and need to change. As a Future Icon if we desire a country of our dream then you need to join me in the #FightAgainstImmorality.

In conclusion, a failed generation is not the one that fail but the one that taught them how to fail.

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